TL Sound Reggae DanceHall Artist (X) Kid Pecos For 2017′ Reggae Dance Hall Labels Will Be Added

albums_covers7814 X RATED RECORD INT.                                                                            albums_covers7817 artist: Captain Remo side A: Get Ready / side B: X Rated Gang albums_covers7818 label: X Rated Record Int.albums_covers7815 year: 1990’s Style albums_covers7816#2  Jack Radics side A: It’s Alright / side B: X-Rated Gang  label: X Rated Record Int.   year: 2000’s                                                          XCALIBA & KASH

albums_covers6839 Kash & Xcaliba title side A: Young Girl / side B: Blak Beat Tune by Basement Aggregation albums_covers6838 label: Basement year: 2000′ slight vocals on version albums_covers6837 albums_covers6529 label: XPLOSIVE  PRODUCTIONS                                   T.O.K. side A: Watch Di Hype / side B: T.V. Track albums_covers6531 label: Xplosive Productions albums_covers6530 year: 2000’s Style Plays With Slight Noise) albums_covers6528 albums_covers4341 XSYMENT                                                          Xsyment side B: Go Deh Mi Friend / ZUMJAY side A: Pleasure & Pain albums_covers4339 label: Jah Snowcone year: 2000’s Style albums_covers4340                                                                                  albums_covers4853 XTERMINATOR                        artist: Turbulence side A: It’s Like Heaven / ANTHONY MILLS side B: Good News albums_covers4855 label: Xtertminator albums_covers4854 year: 2001′ albums_covers4856 #2 albums_covers6990 artist:Country Man side A: Mi Do Di Wuk / side B: Versionalbums_covers6992 label: Xterminator year: 1994′ Original Press  albums_covers6991                               For more info on these items contact or or for more thoughts visit & for an all genre vinyl selection visit Thanks for visiting Pecos Sound. 


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Pecos Sound is a Reggae Vinyl wholesale, bulk reggae site. Featuring all styles, eras, years, artist that pecosound can offer. They are listed under an artist name close as possible in order. Browse Pecos Sound & Enjoy a wide selection of reggae vinyl. Contact kid pecos of pecos sound if you have any questions.

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