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TL Sound Reggae DanceHall Vinyl Artist Starting With (P) Kid Pecos For 2019′ Reggae Dance Hall Labels Will Be Added New Selections Will Be Listed With (Brand New) Also Under Titles & By Riddims {Sonido De Los Pecos Reggae}

Greetings Crew from Kid Pecos of Pecos Sound. In hopes of expanding the site you can donate & receive some Reggae Dancehall Vinyl. In hopes of getting more storage space to add more Reggae Vinyl & world wide Vinyl Reggae Radio Show. All donations are Greatly appreciated Kid Pecos of Pecos Sound System. For ways to donate and receive some Reggae Dance Hall Vinyl of your selection(s). You can use the info contacts at the end of page, Kid Pecos.                                                                                           (OUT OF STOCK)                                                                                  img20170301_02384521 PACO G                     Paco G side A: Deh A Lead / side B: Version img20170301_02412384 label: Soul Face Production year: 2000’s Style Slight Jump On Sound  img20170301_02401165                                  PAM HALL                          albums_covers3992 Pam Hall side A: Come Ina Dis ‘ side B:Version By Ring Craft Posey albums_covers3993 label: Nura year: 1984′ Original Press albums_covers3994albums_covers2717                                                                                                         albums_covers2716 Pam Hall  #2 side A: Doctor / side B: Version

label: Taxi Original Press albums_covers2718albums_covers2719albums_covers2720albums_covers2721albums_covers2722                PAM & WOODY                                                             Pam & Woody side A: Book Of Life / side B: Book Of Life – Harold Butler  label: Water Lily  year: 1977′ Original Press Grooved Press NOISE’                                                                                                                    PAN HEAD & YORUBA                                                                          Pan Head & YORUBA side A: Hot Teaser / side B: Version label: Drum & Bass year: 1993′                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              #2 WIN_20210511_18_33_41_ProWIN_20210511_18_34_40_Pro Panhead side A: One Fi The Money / side B: Version Steelie & Version WIN_20210511_18_37_54_ProWIN_20210511_18_37_22_Pro label: How Yu Fi Say Dat? WIN_20210511_18_36_37_ProWIN_20210511_18_37_04_Pro year: 1993′ (BRAND NEW) WIN_20210511_18_37_47_Pro WIN_20210511_18_33_33_Pro                            Picture 640 PANTY RAID VERSION                                      artist: Wayne Marshall side A: Spy & Informer / side B: Version Panty Eaid by Paul “Teetimus” Edmund & Paul “Jazwad” Yebush label: John John Records year: 2000’s Style Picture 639 albums_covers7351 PAPA BEETO                                                                           Papa Beeto side A: Mad Over Yu Man / side B: Version Track Star Crew label: People Record’s albums_covers7353 year: Early 1990’s Style albums_covers7352 albums_covers6858 PAPA BIGGY                                                            Papa Biggy side A:Hidden Voices / side B: albums_covers6860 label: 218 ST. Records year: 1995′ albums_covers6859 Digital Camera PAPA LEVI Backed By The Troublesome Band                                         Papa Levi Backed By THE TROUBLESOME BAND side A: Millitancy / side B: Baby Mother

Papa Levi Backed By The Troublesome Band side A: Baby Mother / side AA: Millitancy label: Jah Records year: 1986′ Original Press

Used Reggae Dancrhall 12" Extended Play Single. $4.00 shipping for U.S. residents, World Wide Standard Shipping $18.00. Shipping can be combined on order. 20 days Handling time. Papa Levi Backed By The Troublesome Band side A: Baby Mother / side AA: Millitancy label: Jah Records year: 1986' Original Press


Papa Levi & The Troublesome Band – Baby Mother / Millitancy label: Jah Records year: 1986′


Papa Levi Backed By The Troublesome Band a 1980’s on Reggae DJ Vocal With Band Reggae Sound

label: Jah Records

Papa Levi And The Troublesome Band 1980’s DJ With Band Style

Baby Mother / Millitancy

year: 1986′ Original Press

Papa Levi Backed By The Troublesome Band 1980’s Reggae DJ Band Style

(BRAND NEW) Digital Camera                                           PAPA SAN                                                                            Papa San side A: Lovin Lovin / side B: Version  label: Harmodio year: 1987′ Original Press #2  Papa San side A: How Fi Run Mi Life / side B: Version By Steely & Clevie label: Black Scorpio year: 1989′ Original Press                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               WIN_20201009_17_40_50_Pro

Digital Camera

Reggae Label Paradise

Digital Camera

Reggae Artist Hopeton James

PARADISE                                          Hopeton James side A: Chances / side B: Version

Digital Camera


Digital Camera

Version On Paradise Reggae Label

label: Paradise

Digital Camera

Hopeton James – Changes

Digital Camera

JA – Star 1980’s To 1990’s Reggae Dancehall Vinyl Sound System

year: 1989′

Digital Camera


Ordinal Press

Digital Camera[/caption%5D

WIN_20190805_09_28_58_Pro                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 PARISH                                                                    artist: Bingie General & Chris Wayne side A:  A Just Dollars A Do It / side B:  Version by Danny Brownie  label: Parish  year: 1990′ Original Press albums_covers7335 PARROT                                                      Parrot side A: Storm / side B: Good Over Evil Rhythm albums_covers7337 label: Heights Of Heights Records albums_covers7336 year: 2000’s Style albums_covers7338 (Adapted) albums_covers7339    PAT DAVIS                                                                                       Pat Davis side A: I’m Just A Girl / side B: Version  label: Taxi year: 1975′ (Adapted) Original Press                                                                                             Digital Camera WIN_20190711_08_16_16_Pro PAT KELLY                                                          Pat Kelly side A: Let’s Get Married / side B: Inside Right By Taxi Gang label: Roller year: 1980’s Stylee (Original Press) (BRAND NEW) WIN_20190711_08_16_07_Pro Digital CameraDigital CameraDigital CameraDigital Camera PATRA                         Patra – Worker Man Wirh Mixes side 1: 1Album Version 2 Mecca Radio Mix 3 Salaam’s Mix / side 2: 1 The Irie Mix 2 The Irie Instrumental 3 Acapella Digital CameraDigital Camera

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label: Epic Digital CameraDigital Camera year: 1993′ Digital Camera    Digital Camera PATRICK FLINT                                                Patrick Flint side A: Glow Of Love / side B: Version Digital Camera label: Sea Breeze Digital Camera year: 1990’s Style Original Press Digital Cameraalbums_covers2908albums_covers2909 PATSY CADET                                                                            Patsy Cadet side A: side A: Bad Situation / side B: Just Loving You albums_covers2914albums_covers2915 label: Pebble Groove albums_covers2912albums_covers2913 year: 1970’s Style albums_covers2916 Original Press albums_covers2917 Made In Canada albums_covers2910albums_covers2911   PAUL DAVIDSON                                                              Paul Davidson side A: By My Side / side B: By My Side PT. 2  label: Weed Beat year: 1979′ Original Press                                                                     WIN_20191220_18_17_46_Pro #2 WIN_20200502_18_18_04_Pro Paul Davidson side A: Time Has Come / side B: Dub Rock By Creative Posse WIN_20200502_18_19_54_Pro label: Creative Sounds – Stereo year: 1987′ Original Press WIN_20200502_18_17_59_Pro WIN_20200118_14_19_16_Pro                                                                                                                                         albums_covers4848 PAUL ELLIOTT                             Paul Elliott side A: Stone Cold Lover / side B: Version by Barry O’Hare label: Reggaemaster International albums_covers4849 year: Early 1990’s Style Original Press albums_covers4850                                                                    PAULA CLARKE                                albums_covers544 Paula Clarke side A: Something Been Bugging Me (Adapted) / side B: Version By WB All Stars albums_covers545 label: W & B Records year: 1980’s Original Press albums_covers546albums_covers547albums_covers548albums_covers549                                                               albums_covers3066.jpg PAULINE WEAR                 Pauline Wear side A: Love Without Marriage / side B: T. Bird Orchestra albums_covers3067 label: Thnderbird year: 1970’s Original Press  Used & New copies this 1 used albums_covers3068 img20170320_17401790 PAYDAY MUSIC MUSIC                                                                      artist: Sizzla side A: Run Dem Mouth / BADD CASH side B: How Wi Do It  label: Payday Music  year: 2007′  img20170320_17384312 artist: Vybz Kartel side A: When Gangsta Roll / BADD CASH side B: Vision & Dreams “Not Out Riddim” img20170320_17411920 label: Payday Music year: 2007′ img20170320_17401790

[caption id="attachment_12478" align="alignnone" width="300"] Peace Of Mind

PEACE OF MIND                                                                             Peace Of Mind side A: Woman In Nightclub / side B: Love Is Pure

side B: Love Is Pure

label: Peace Of Mind

Woman In Night Club

year: 1985′

Peace Of Mind 1980’s Reggae Band Sound

Original Press

Peace Of Mind

albums_covers7654 PEBBLE GROOVE                                                      albums_covers7655 artist: Sachmoore side A: Wuh Yuh Got To Gimme For Christmas / side B: Christmas Is Only A Dayalbums_covers7657 label: Pebble Groove albums_covers7656 year: 1970’s Style albums_covers7658 Original Press Made In Canada (OUT OF STOCK) albums_covers7659    Digital Camera WIN_20190411_22_46_47_Pro PELICAN                                                                       Pelican side A: () Pop Of / side B: Just Like The Sea (Adapted) WIN_20190411_22_46_15_Pro label: Ball A Fire Muzik year: 2001′ (BRAND NEW) WIN_20190411_22_46_39_Pro Digital Camera  Digital Camera WIN_20190703_12_22_38_Pro PENNY                                                                 artist: The Tradewinds side 1: It’s Traditional / side 2: Woman label: Penny year: 1970’s Original Press (BRAND NEW) WIN_20190703_12_22_52_Pro                                                                      PENNY IRIE                                                                                     Penny Irie side A: Mad Dem Senorita / side B: Empress Version  label: Golden House year: Late 1990’s Early 2000’s Sty;e #2 Penny Irie side A: Gal A Fret / side B: Version By Sly & Chris label: Shocking Vibes

Penny Irie side A: Gal A Fret Again / side B: Version By Sly & Chris label: Shocking Vibes year: 1993′

Used Reggae Dancehall Vinyl 7" Single 45 RPM Record. $4.00 Shipping for U.S. residents, World Wide Standard Shipping $18.00. Shipping can be combined on order. 29 Days Handling time. Penny Irie side A: Gal A Fret Again / side B: Version By Sly & Chris label; Shocking Vibes year: 1993'


year: 1993′   albums_covers3186 albums_covers3189albums_covers3187 PENTHOUSE RECORDS                                                            title: Dog Heart albums_covers3185 label: Pentouse Records albums_covers3190 albums_covers3188 year: Early 1990’s albums_covers3191 Original Press albums_covers3184 Penthouse img20170209_16181207img20170209_16215829img20170209_16194857 #2 title: Penthouse Dance- hall Hits Vol.2 side A: / side B: img20170209_16230842 label: Pentgouse Records img20170209_16203723 year: Early 1990’s Style img20170209_16241732 Original Press img20170209_16185907.jpg  Penthouse Records img20170124_15343223 #3 title: Penthouse Selection artist: Nardo Ranks: side B: You A Lead / GALAXY side A: Woman Get Wicked img20170124_15385126 label: Penthouse Records img20170124_15362668 year: 1990’s img20170124_15395881 Style (DJ Mark On Label) img20170124_15314271  Penthouse   #4 title: Good Fella$ Part 2 side A: / side B:  label: Penthouse Records   year: Early 1990’s Style Original Press    #5 Digital Camera artist: Buju Banton & Red Rat side A: Love Dem Bad / side B: Version Digital Camera label: Penthouse Records Digital Camera year: 1997′ Digital Camera #6 Digital CameraDigital Camera Beres Hammond side A: Is It A Sign / side B: Digital Camera

Beres Hammond side A: Is It A Sign / side B: Version label: Prnthouse Records year 1998′

Used Reggae Dancejall Vinyl 7″ Single. $4.00 shipping for U.S. residents World Wide Standard Shipping $18.00, shipping can be combined on order. 10 days handling time.


Version label: Penthouse Records Digital Camera year: 1998′ Digital Camera #7 Digital Camera artist: Buju Banton & Beres Hammond side A: Who Say / side B: Version Digital Camera

Buju Banton & Beres Hammond side A: Who Say / side B: Version label: Penthouse Records year: 1992′ Original Press

Used Reggae Dancehall 7" Vinyl Single. $4.00 shipping for U.S. residents / World Wide Standard Shipping $18.00. 10 days handling time.


label: Penthouse Records Digital Camera year: 1992′ Original Press Digital Camera #8 Digital Camera artist: Tony Rebel side A: Fresh Vegetable / side B: Version WIN_20190424_07_59_12_Pro label: Penthouse Records Digital Camera year: 1991′ Digital Camera #9 Digital CameraDigital CameraDigital CameraDigital Camera title: Penthouse Action Pack side A: 1 Tiger – Rough Ranking Tiger 2 Nana McLean  –  Hold It Down 3 Gregory Isaacs – Counterfeit Lover 4 Delroy Wilson & Beenie Don – Run For Your Life 5 Anthony Red Rose – Every Sound Boy Should Know / side B: 1 Peter Metro Six Month Break 2 Pliers – Snake In The Grass 3 Little Lenny – Champion Bubbler 4 Sugar Minott – Return Your Love 5 Sugar Black – Fussing And Fighting Digital CameraDigital CameraDigital Camera label: Penthouse Records Digital CameraDigital CameraDigital Camera year: Early 1990’s To Mid 1995′ Style Original Press Digital Camera Digital CameraDigital Camera #9 Ninja Turtle side A: Chakka Demus – Workie Workie 2 Scooty – My, My, My 3 Tony Rebel – The Armor 4 Rude Boy Kelly -Bubblers Remix 5 Nardo Ranks – Jammie Jammie / side B Wayne Wonder – All This Time 2 Apache Scratchie – Pon Cock 3 Garfield Lover – Girlie Girlie 4 Pinchers – Informer 5 Rude Boy Kelly – Veggie Good label: Penthouse year: Early 1990’s Style Dancehall Hits Original Press (BRAND NEW) Digital CameraDigital Camera PEREX “PREZ” PRADO                                                                                                                                                  WIN_20210619_16_50_06_ProWIN_20210619_16_50_28_Pro Perez “Prez” Prado And His Orchestra “The King Of The Mamb0” side A: Cherry Pink And Apple Blossom – From The Film Under Water / side B Rhythm Sticks WIN_20210619_16_53_38_ProWIN_20210619_16_53_21_Pro  label: RCA Victor year: WIN_20210619_16_52_08_ProWIN_20210619_16_52_18_Pro 1954′ WIN_20210619_16_53_01_Pro WIN_20210619_16_49_51_Pro                                                                                                                                                                                                     PEOPLE’S CHOICE                                    People’s Choice side A: The Big Hurt / side B: Do It Any Way You Wanna  label: Philadelphia International Records   year: 1975′ Original Press OLDIES’ Soul / Blues Grooved Press    albums_covers6375 PERFECT                      Perfect side A: Shoulda Neva / side B: Triumphant Riddin albums_covers6376 year: 2005′ albums_covers6377 Made In Jamaica surface marksalbums_covers6378 albums_covers7620 Perfect #2 side A: Why / side B: Rebel Sole albums_covers7622 label Rebel Music albums_covers7622 year: 2000’s Style albums_covers7621                                                                         PETER FRANKS                         albums_covers729 Peter Franks side A: Where Have You Been / side B: Version label: Laser B albums_covers733 year: seems early 1990’s Original Press albums_covers730 albums_covers731albums_covers732                                                                      PETER HUNNINGALE                                                                    Peter Hunningale side A: A Love Like This / Version  year: 1988′ Original Press                                                                                                                                                           PETER KING                                                                                                            albums_covers210 Peter King side A: Step On The Gas / side B: Ten Commandments Of An M.C. albums_covers211 label: Fashion Records albums_covers212 year: late 1980’s albums_covers213 Original Press albums_covers214albums_covers215 albums_covers216albums_covers216                   Digital Camera PETER LLOYD                                                      Peter Lloyd side A: Tonight / side B: Remix Digital Camera label: Taxi Digital Camera year: 1980’s  To 1990’s Original Press  Digital Camera                    PETER TOSH                                            (Brand New) Digital CameraDigital CameraDigital CameraDigital Camera Peter Tosh title: Equal Rights side One: Get Up, Stand Up 2 Downpressor Man 3 I Am That I Am 4 Stepping Razor / side Two: Equal Rights 2 African 3 Jah Guide Apartheid Digital CameraDigital CameraDigital CameraDigital Camera label: Columbia Digital CameraDigital CameraDigital CameraDigital Camera year: 1977′ Original Press Digital CameraDigital CameraDigital CameraDigital Camera Digital CameraDigital Camera #2 Peter Tosh / Nick Jagger side One: (You Got To Walk And Don’t Look Back) Don’t Lock Back / side Two: Don’t Lock Back (Don’t Space Out) label: Rolling Stone year: 1975′ Promotional Copy Original Press (BRAND NEW) Digital Camera Digital Camera                                                                                              PETRO METRO                        Petro Metro side A: Labrish / side B: Version   label: Penthouse Records year: 1989′ Original Press                                    PERCY WILLIAMS                                                          Hud-2 vinyl photos 2373Hud-2 vinyl photos 2374 Percy Williams side A: She Walked Away / side B: Version albums_covers4992 label: Impact! albums_covers4993 year: 1975′ albums_covers4994 Original Press albums_covers4995                                                                           Picture 1401 PETER HUNNIGALE                Peter Hunnigale side A: I Wish It Would Rain / side b: Rain Dub Stingray All Stars label: Stingray Records (Adapted) Picture 1402 Digital Camera WIN_20191109_22_35_16_Pro WIN_20191109_22_34_05_Pro PHILLIP  FRAZER                                         Phillip Frazer side A: Talk About Reality label: Black Solidarity year: Late 1980’s To Early 1990’s Style Original Press WIN_20191109_22_34_39_Pro WIN_20191109_22_32_54_ProDigital Camera  Digital Camera WIN_20200507_14_44_35_Pro PHEOBE ONE                                                 Pheobe One part One: Knocking On Heavens Door / part Two: Knocking On Heavens Door WIN_20200507_14_45_24_Pro Digital Camera label: Charm WIN_20200507_14_45_41_ProWIN_20200507_14_43_01_Pro year: Late 1990’s To 2000’s WIN_20200507_14_43_44_Pro WIN_20200507_14_42_34_Pro Digital CameraDigital Camera PICKOUT                                                                           artist: Tony Tuff side A: Ease Off / side AA: Never Can Say Goodbye label: Pickout year: Late 1980’s Style Original Press Digital Camera  $2 WIN_20200622_17_05_24_Pro WIN_20200705_07_33_39_Pro WIN_20200705_07_34_20_Pro Ninja Man side 1 Drink & Drive / side 2 Version WIN_20200705_07_34_48_ProWIN_20200705_07_34_09_ProWIN_20200705_07_34_36_Pro label: Pick Out WIN_20200705_07_34_09_ProWIN_20200705_07_34_33_Pro year: 1990′ (BRAND NEW) WIN_20200705_07_34_09_Pro  WIN_20200705_07_33_29_ProWIN_20191130_23_09_08_Pro  Digital Camera WIN_20200507_15_13_00_Pro WIN_20200507_15_14_28_ProWIN_20200507_15_13_14_Pro PILLS POSSE                                                                                               artist: Danny Dread side A Danny Dread “En Spanol” With Metro Media / side B: Version WIN_20200507_15_14_42_ProWIN_20200507_15_13_22_Pro label: Pill Posse WIN_20200507_15_14_34_Pro year: 1980’s Style Hit Song (BRAND NEW) WIN_20200507_15_13_54_Pro WIN_20200507_15_14_23_Pro WIN_20200507_15_12_54_Pro Digital Camera

Digital Camera

Digital Camera

Digital Camera

Digital Camera

PINCHERS                                                                                                     Pinchers title: Mass Out side A: / side B:

Digital Camera

Digital Camera

label: RAS

Digital Camera

year: 1987′

Digital Camera

Original Press

Digital Camera


albums_covers6790 Pinchers Medly / PAM HALL Medley albums_covers6789 lanel: Roaring Lion year: 2006′ albums_covers6788 Digital CameraDigital Camera Pinchers side A: Grammy / side B: Version Digital Camera

Pinchers side A: Grammy / side B: Version label: Vena Recordings year: 1987′ Original Press

Used Reggae Dancehall 7" Vinyl single. $4.00 shipping for U.S. residents / World Wide Shipping $18.00. 10 days handling time.


label: Vena Recordings Digital CameraDigital Camera year: 1987′ Original Press Digital Camera    PISCES STUDIO                                                                               artist: Sugar Black & Terry Ganzie side A: Think God A Sleep / side B: Version  label: Pisces Studio year: 1993′                                                                                                                                                      PLAY HOUSE                                                                                             artist: Mega Banton side A: Squeeze / side B: Tiajuana Riddim  label: Play House  year: 2003″                                                                             PLIERS                                                                              Pliers Hud-2 vinyl photos 1977Hud-2 vinyl photos 1978 #1 side A: Sweet Loving / side B: Version label: Capricorn International Original Press albums_covers6287 #2 Pliers title side A: Haul And Pull Up / side B: Sound Clash Version slight jump albums_covers6285 label: Black Scorpio year: 1980′ albums_covers6286 Repress from OJ36 Records albums_covers6284 #3  Pliers side A: Thief / side B: Version  label: Pick Out year: 1989′ Original Press Pliers  #4 side A: How I’m Supposed To Live Without You (Adapted) / side B: Version  label: Arabic Records year: 1989′ Original Press                                           PLUTO

albums_covers6766 Pluto side A: Ram Goat Liver side B: Ram Goat Liver albums_covers6768 label: Steady Records year: 1974′ Original Press albums_covers6767 (A Pressing Of)  Pluto side A: Ram Goat Liver / side B: Ram Goat  label: Wild Flower year: 1974′  Original Press                                            Digital Camera POLLY FAMOUS                                           Polly Famous side A: Kick Up And Gwan / side B: Version   Digital Cameralabel: Taxi Oldies Digital Camera year: Late 1980’s Style Digital Camera  POLLY PUMPY

albums_covers6593 Polly Pumpy  side A: Doctor Loving / side B:Version albums_covers6592 label: Record Factory  year: 1992′ albums_covers6594 Original Pressalbums_covers6591 Original Press                                POT OF GOLD                                    artist: Beenie Man side A: Shout Yea / side B: Platinum Rhythm  label: Pot Of Gold  year: 2002′  #2  artist: Richie Stephens & Lady Saw side A: Take Your Time / side B: Pot Of Gold Jam By Steve “Reggae Jesus” Marsden – David “Reggae Profit” Cole

Richie Stephens & Lady Saw side A: Take Your Time / side B: Pot Of Jam label: Pot Of Gold year: Early 2000’s Style

Used Reggae Dancehall 7" Vinyl Single. $4.00 Shipping For U.S. residents, World Wide Standard Shipping $18.00. Shipping can be combined on order. 29 days Handling time. Richie Stephens & Lady Saw side A: Take Your Time / side B: Pot Of Gold Jam label: Pot Of Gold year: Early 2000's Style


label: Pot Of Gold  year: Early 2000’s Style (Slight Jump)                                                                                       Digital CameraDigital Camera POW POW PRODUCTIONS                                                         Digital Camera (Brand New) artist: Da’Ville side A: Send It On / TERRY LYNN side B: Push It In Deh Digital Camera

Da’Ville side A: Send It On / TERRY LYNN side B: Push It In Deh label: Pow Pow Productions year: 2005′

Used Reggae Dancehall Vinyl 7" Single. $4.00 shipping for U.S. residents / World Wide Standard Shipping $18.00, shipping can be combined on order. 10 days handling time.


label: Pow Pow Productions Digital CameraDigital CameraDigital Camera year:  2005′ Digital Camera                                                                          POWERMAN Hud-2 vinyl photos 101Hud-2 vinyl photos 102Hud-2 vinyl photos 103Hud-2 vinyl photos 104Hud-2 vinyl photos 105Hud-2 vinyl photos 107Hud-2 vinyl photos 106Hud-2 vinyl photos 108                                                            Powerman #1 title side A: Gone A lead / side B: Dub A Lead label: Original Records year: 1992′ Original Press #2 albums_covers6007 Power Man title side A: Gun Bag Julapy / SUGAR BLACK side B: Sweet Sweet Shirley albums_covers6008 label: Shines Production  albums_covers6009 slightly off, jumps, surface marks albums_covers6010albums_covers6011 year: 2000′albums_covers6012  Digital Camera WIN_20190703_12_29_20_Pro #3 Power Man side A: Run For Your Life / side B: Version label: The Don Son Records year: 1999′ (BRAND NEW) WIN_20190703_12_29_28_Pro Digital Camera Power Man  #4 side A: New Tune / side B: Get It All  label: Mixing Lab  year: Late 1990’s Style                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                PREDATOR                                                    Hud-2 vinyl photos 3813Hud-2 vinyl photos 3814Hud-2 vinyl photos 3815Hud-2 vinyl photos 3816Hud-2 vinyl photos 3817Hud-2 vinyl photos 3819 Predator side A: Wuk Gal Hard / side B: Silent Assasin Version label:Rockers World cat. RW 008 Original Press Picture 513Picture 514 Predator #2 side A: Mad Mi / side B: Tri-Fecta Riddim Picture 515 label: Don Corleon Records Picture 516                                                                  Digital Camera WIN_20190720_11_47_27_Pro PRESIDENT BROWN                 Prezident Brown side A: Sperm Doner / side B: X-Rated Gang label: X Rated Record Int. year: Late 1990’s To Early 2000’s Style (BRAND NEW) WIN_20190720_11_47_17_Pro Digital Camera                                         Hud-2 vinyl photos 2816Hud-2 vinyl photos 2819Hud-2 vinyl photos 2820 President Brown side A: War In A Town / NATURAL BLACK side B: Prepare label: Stingray Records year: 2000′ Original Press jumps Picture 1399 Prezident Brown #2 side A: Medley / BUNNY GENERAL side B: Medley label: Roaring Lion Records year: 2006′ Picture 1400                                                                 PRESLEY GOLDING                                                    Hud-2 vinyl photos 2341 Hud-2 vinyl photos 2342 Hud-2 vinyl photos 2343Hud-2 vinyl photos 2345 Presley Golding                                                                     PRESSURE  Hud-2 vinyl photos 735Hud-2 vinyl photos 736Hud-2 vinyl photos 736Hud-2 vinyl photos 738                                                                 Pressure label: h2O Productions side A: Stress / side B: Blue Tooth Version year: 2007′ Pressure albums_covers2431 #2 side A: No Fight / side B: Version albums_covers2432 label: Don Corleon Records albums_covers2435 albums_covers2433 albums_covers2434

albums_covers2436albums_covers2437 #3 Pressure label: Don Corleon title side A: Bless Children / side B: Version albums_covers7272 Pressure albums_covers7273 #4 side A: Live & Never Die / side B albums_covers7274 label: Don Corleon albums_covers7272                                                                                   PRESTIGE  Picture 540                           Picture 538 Prestige side A: Olympics Feelings / side B: I Got Picture 539 label: The Feeling Timeless Records Picture 541  Digital Camera WIN_20190422_22_44_44_Pro PRICELE$$                                                                  Bounty Killer – Boom Dandymite – Daily Bread side A: Dunns River Fall / side B: Tight Clothes Steely & Clevie Add. Inst. By Jazzwad year: 1995′ (BRAND NEW)  Digital Camera  Digital Camera #2 WIN_20200502_18_07_26_ProWIN_20200502_18_08_25_Pro artist: Bounty Killer side A: Go Now / side B: Stalag Version WIN_20200502_18_09_21_ProWIN_20200502_18_08_53_Pro Digital Camera label: Price Le$$ WIN_20200502_18_07_48_ProWIN_20200502_18_09_06_Pro year: 1995′ WIN_20200502_18_07_12_ProWIN_20200502_18_08_19_Pro Digital Camera                                                                                           PRINCE CAMPBELL                                                                      Prince Campbell side A: So Many Things To Imagine / side B: Version  label: PAC Records year: 1979′ Original Press                                                                        albums_covers4742 PRINCE CAPO                    Prince Capo side A: Ebony Eyes / side B: Ebony Version label: Clock Tower Records albums_covers4743 year: 1975′ Original Press albums_covers4741                                        PRINCE GEORGE & THE CLARENDONIANS albums_covers4984albums_covers4985albums_covers4986albums_covers4987 Prince Georges & The Clarendonians side A: iF I Only Had Time / side B: Time Version by Stud All Stars (G. Daley)

Prince George & The Clarendonians side A: If I Only Had Time / side B: Time Version The Stud All Stars (G. Daley) label: Stud year: 1960’s Original Press OLDIES’ solid sound                                                         PRINCE FARI                      Hud-2 vinyl photos 4072Hud-2 vinyl photos 4073Hud-2 vinyl photos 4074Hud-2 vinyl photos 4075Hud-2 vinyl photos 4074Hud-2 vinyl photos 4076Hud-2 vinyl photos 4077Hud-2 vinyl photos 4077Hud-2 vinyl photos 4078 #1 Prince Fari title: Voice Of Thunder side 1: 1 Ten Commandments 2 Tribute To Bob Marley 3 Hold The Fort 4 Every Time I Hear The Word 5 Head Of  The Buccaneer / side 2 1 Shall Not Dwell In Wickedness 2 Give I Strength 3 Kingdom Of God 4 Come In From The Rock 5 Skinhead label: Trojan cat. TRLS 204 Stereo #2 Hud-2 vinyl photos 4064Hud-2 vinyl photos 4065Hud-2 vinyl photos 4066Hud-2 vinyl photos 4067Hud-2 vinyl photos 4068Hud-2 vinyl photos 4069Hud-2 vinyl photos 4070 Prince Fari                                                 PRINCE JAZZBO                                                                               Prince Jazzbo side A: Wise Sheppard / side B: Prince Jazzbo Rocking label: Briscoe year: 1974′ Original Press                albums_covers6609 PRINCE LINCOLN THOMPSON & THE ROYAL RASSES                           Prince Lincoln  Thompson & The Royal Rases side A: Wall Flower / side B: Rising Up To Love albums_covers6612 label: Rhino Records albums_covers6611 year: 1986′ Original Press Made In England albums_covers6610 #2 Picture 171Picture 183Picture 173Picture 186Picture 184Picture 176Picture 180 Prince Lincoln And The Royal Rasses title: Roots Man Blues side One: 1 Unite The World 2 Hail Shanti 3 Whopping Good Vibration 4 Roots Man Blues / side Two: 1 Revolutionary  Man 2 You Male Feel Alright 3 Love The Way It Should Be 4 Whopping Good Dub Picture 188Picture 177Picture 175Picture 182

Prince Lincoln And The Royal Rasses title Roots Man Blues label: Target year: 1983′ 1984′ Original Press Made In England

Used Reggae U.K. Roots Dancehall Vinyl 12" Full Album. $4.00 shipping for U.S. residents / World Wild Standard Shipping $18.00, shipping can be combined with order. 10 days handling time.


label: Target Picture 185Picture 178Picture 174Picture 181 year: 1983′ 1984′ Original Press Made In EnglandPicture 170Picture 187Picture 179      PRISCILLA ROLLINS                                                                            Priscilla Rollins side A: Legend In My Time / side B: More Legend  label: Paradise  year: 1980’s Style  Original Press  Made In Canada                                                 PRITCHARD                                                                            Pritchard Green side A: Bananas – Part 1 / side B: Green Bananas – Part 2  label: Camille Records year: 1970’s Style Taken From The Lp “Fats” Shake ‘Em Up” Camille LP                 Digital Camera Picture 241 PRO MUSIC RECORDS                                                                 artist: Nesbeth side A: Sleep In Poverty / DETERMINE side B: See The Cure label: Pro Music Records year: 1997′ Picture 242 Digital Cameraalbums_covers7061 PS                                     P.S.                                         P.S. Sound

Papa Shade P.S.

1960’s albums_covers7062

Ska albums_covers7060

albums_covers7058 Reggae Sound  albums_covers7059                          Digital Camera PUDDY ROOTS                                                  Puddy Roots side A: (CY-) Girl / side B: Version Digital Camera label: Techniques Digital Camera year: 1970’s Style Original Press Digital Camera      Picture 737 PUKE VERSION By Lloyd “John John” James & Andre Gray                                        artist: Elephant Man side A: Can’t Roll / side B: Version Puke by Lloyd “John John” James & Andre Gray  label: Mentally Disturbed

Elephant Man side A: Can’t Roll / side B: Version: Puke by Lloyd”John John” James & Andre Gray label: Mentally Disturbed year: 2000’s

Used Reggae Dancehall Vinyl 7" Single. $4.00 shipping for U.S. residents, World Wide Standard Shipping $18.00. Shipping can be combined on order. 20 days handling time. Elephant Man - Can't Roll / Version: Puke label: Mentally Disturbed! year: 2000's Style


year: Early 2000’s  (BRAND NEW) Picture 736 WIN_20200606_13_11_25_Pro WIN_20200606_13_13_57_Pro WIN_20200606_13_12_15_Pro  PURE LOVERS VOLUME 6                                                         title: Pure Lovers Volume 6 side A: / side B:  WIN_20200606_13_14_16_ProWIN_20200606_13_12_31_ProWIN_20200606_13_15_01_Pro label: Charm WIN_20200606_13_15_26_ProWIN_20200606_13_11_31_Pro year: 1993′ Original Press (U.K. Pressing) (BRAND NEW) WIN_20200606_13_11_20_Pro WIN_20200606_13_15_14_Pro WIN_20200606_13_12_20_Pro                   Digital Camera Digital Camera PURE & CLEAN                                                              artist: Ghost side A: Lonely Is The Night / BALLADIER side B: Gal Mek We Lock Dung  label: Pure & Clean year: Late 1990’s Early 2000’s Style (BRAND NEW) Digital Camera Digital Camera                                                                                                                                  albums_covers7260 PURE MUSIC                                    artist: Singing Melody & Delly Ranks side A: Can’t Leave The Ladies / side B: Molasses Versionalbums_covers7262 label: Pure Music Production year: Late 1990’s Early 2000’s Stylealbums_covers7261 Digital CameraWIN_20190413_09_02_23_Pro #2 Vybz Kartel side A: Vybz Rum Punch / side B: Rum Punch Instrumental label: Pure Music Productions year: 2008′ (BRAND NEW) WIN_20190413_09_02_20_Pro WIN_20190411_09_24_58_ProDigital Camera #2 WIN_20200507_15_01_48_ProWIN_20200507_15_02_21_ProWIN_20200507_15_00_51_Pro artist: Buju Banton side A: Gal Deh Bout / sige B: Rum Punch Instrumental WIN_20200507_15_02_52_ProWIN_20200507_15_00_39_ProWIN_20200507_15_02_34_Pro label: Pure Music Productions WIN_20200507_15_01_55_ProWIN_20200507_15_02_58_Pro year: 2008′ WIN_20200507_15_00_31_ProWIN_20200507_15_01_29_Pro   Digital Camera                                                                                                 PURPLE IRIE                                                albums_covers2601 Purple Irie side A: It Is Written / side B: Written Version albums_covers2603 label: Dynamite albums_covers2604 grooved press albums_covers2605 slight jumpy albums_covers2602albums_covers2606albums_covers2607albums_covers2608albums_covers2609 albums_covers7588 label: PURPLE SKUNK RECORDS                                                       Flexx side A: Nuh Gal / side B: Operation Torpedo albums_covers7587 label: Purple Skunk Records year: 2000’s Style albums_covers7586  Digital Camera WIN_20190411_10_00_18_Pro PYRAMID INT’L RECORDS                                             artist: Lady Saw side A: Unite / side B: Version label: Pyramid Int’l Records  year: Late 1990’s To Early 2000’s Style (BRAND NEW) WIN_20190411_10_00_11_Pro Digital Camera                                                                                                               For more info on these items contact or or for more thoughts visit & for an all genre vinyl selection visit Thanks for visiting Pecos Sound.