TL Sound Reggae DanceHall Artist (V) Kid Pecos For 2019′ Reggae Dance Hall Labels Will Be Added {Sonido De Los Pecos Reggae}

#2Greetings Crew from Kid Pecos of Pecos Sound. In hopes of expanding the sites you can donate and receive some Reggae Dancehall Vinyl. In hopes of getting more storage space to add more Reggae Vinyl & a world wide Reggae Vinyl radio show. All donations are Greatly Appreciated by Kid Pecos of Pecos Sound System. For ways to donate and receive some Reggae Dance Hall Vinyl of your selection(s) you can use the info contacts at the the end of the page, Kid Pecos.

Hud-1speth (OUT OF STOCK)

VEGAS Hud-2 vinyl photos 1723                                                                                   Hud-2 vinyl photos 1722 Vegas Hud-2 vinyl photos 1724Hud-2 vinyl photos 1725Hud-2 vinyl photos 1726Hud-2 vinyl photos 1727Hud-2 vinyl photos 1729 title side A: Nice & Sweet / side B: Siren Massive B(CAT# MAS-O152) jumps                                                                                                                                                VENUS REMIX                                      artist: Tanya Stephens side A: What A Day / side B: Version label: Venus Remix year: 2006′ 2000’s Style Dist. In Holland 

Pecos Sound System Stylee

TL Sound Reggae Dancehall Artist (V) – Versatile On More-Fire Reggae Label

VERSATILE                                                 Versatile side A: True Wi Done Know / side B: Convince Version Small Axe label: More-Fire year: 2000′ (BRAND NEW)

TL Sound Reggae Dancehall Artist (V) – Versatile

Pecos Sound System Stylee

albums_covers6756 label: VIBES HOUSE                                       Shad Du side Dead Pon / side B: Version Gal A Wap by R. Ledgister & D. Dennis albums_covers6758 label: Vibes House year: 1998′ albums_covers6757 img20170126_16345154 VINCE BLACK                                                                      Vince Black side A: I-Step For Truth / side B: Back Off Backra img20170126_16391804 label: I-Tone Records img20170126_16375300 year: 1981′ 1982′ Original Press img20170126_16362135           albums_covers3361 VINTAGE REGGAE             Reggae Vintage albums_covers3356 albums_covers3362albums_covers3363albums_covers3357albums_covers3358albums_covers3359albums_covers3360          VIC TAYLOR                                               Hud-2 vinyl photos 3223Hud-2 vinyl photos 3225 Vic Taylor side A: The Life Of Me / side B: Life Version Part 2 label: Love year: 1972′ Original Press #2 Digital CameraDigital CameraDigital CameraDigital Camera Vic Taylor With Byron Lee And The Dragonaires side A: My Way / side B: One Day Soon Digital CameraDigital Camera

Vic Taylor – My Way / One Day Soon label: Dynamic year: 1971′ Original Press

used 7" vinyl Reggae Dancehall $4.00 U.S. shipping & $18;00 Standard World Wide Shipping.


label: Dynamic Digital CameraDigital CameraDigital Camera year: 1971′ Digital Camera

Pecos Sound Stylee

Capricorn International

VICIOUS IRIE                                               Vicious Irie side A: Silver & Gold / side B: Version

Version By Capricorn International Camera

label: Capricorn International year: Early 1990’s Style Original Press

Vicious Irie

Pecos Sound – Jarvis Boot Shine

Pecos Sound – TL Sound Reggae Dancehall

Pecos Sound – TL Sound Reggae Dancehall Artist (V) – Bad Dog & Stevie Face Bleaching / Stevie Face Love Songs Medley On V1 Records

V1 RECORDS                                                    artist: Bad Dog & Stevie Face side A: Bleaching / Stevie Face side B: Love Songs Medley WIN_20191109_22_17_13_Pro WIN_20190413_08_50_15_Pro label: V1 Records year: 1999′ New OLDIES’ Grooved Surface Surface Marks

Pecos Sound – TL Sound Reggae Dancehall Artist (V) – V1 Records

Pecos Sound – TL Sound Reggae Dancehall

#2 WIN_20210530_19_58_24_ProWIN_20210530_19_59_05_Pro Junior Kelly & STEVIE FACE side A: Teach The Children – Part 2 side B: Teach The Children – Part 11 (Dub Mix) WIN_20210530_20_01_13_ProWIN_20210530_20_01_03_Pro label: V1 Records yWIN_20210530_19_58_33_ProWIN_20210530_20_00_42_Pro ear: Late 1990’s To Early 2000’s Style WIN_20210530_20_00_58_Pro WIN_20210530_19_58_16_ProWIN_20210530_20_01_19_Proalbums_covers7694 VIETNAM RECORDS                                              artist: Lust side A: Safe Sex (Bag It Up) / REAL MEANIST side B: Ugly Gal albums_covers7695 label: Vietnam Records albums_covers7696 year: 2000’s Style albums_covers7695

Digital Camera

VIKINGS RECORDS                                                                    artist: Tanya Stephenson side A: It’s All Right / side B: Rhythm Turban & Robe

Digital Camera

label: Vikings Records

Digital Camera

Digital Camera

year: 2003′

Digital Camera

VINTAGE                                                           Hud-2 vinyl photos 4872Hud-2 vinyl photos 4872Hud-2 vinyl photos 4873Hud-2 vinyl photos 4875Hud-2 vinyl photos 4876Hud-2 vinyl photos 4877Hud-2 vinyl photos 4878Hud-2 vinyl photos 4879Hud-2 vinyl photos 4880Hud-2 vinyl photos 4881Hud-2 vinyl photos 4882Hud-2 vinyl photos 4883Hud-2 vinyl photos 4884Hud-2 vinyl photos 4886Hud-2 vinyl photos 4887Hud-2 vinyl photos 4888 Vintage side A: Party Night / side B: Version label: Mystique Original Press                                 albums_covers6735 VIRGO MAN                                                                 Virgo Man  side A: Lost In Sin / side B: Version albums_covers6736 label: Dennis Star International albums_covers6734  Virgo Man albums_covers7739 #2 side A: Glock / side B: Sentence albums_covers7741 label: Pure & Clean albums_covers7740albums_covers7742 year: Late 1990’s Early 2000’s albums_covers7743 albums_covers7744     Digital Camera Virgo Man #3 side A: The Lead / side B: Version Digital Camera

Virgo Man side A: The Lead / side B: Version label: Kennedy International Records year: Late 1980’s Early 1990’s Style Original Press

Used Reggae Dancehall 7" Vinyl Single. $4.00 shipping for U.S. residents / World Wide Standard Shipping $18.00. 10 days handling time.


label: Kennedy International Records Digital CameraDigital CameraDigital Camera year: Late 1980’s Early 1990’s Style Original Press Digital Camera          Digital Camera VIRGONIAN                                                       artist: Tinga Stewart side A: Why Can’t We Live Together / side B: Live Together (Inst. Version) Digital Camera label: Virgonian Digital Camera year: 1977′ Original Press OLDIES’ NOISE’ Pro Cleaned For Best Sound Digital Camera  (OUT OF STOCK)     #2 Digital CameraDigital Camera Brent Dow side A: Things You Say You Love / side B: Instrumental Version With Brent Dowe Digital Camera label: Virgonian Digital Camera year: 1977′ Original Press OLDIES’ NOISE’ Pro Cleaned For Best Sound Digital Camera    WIN_20200622_19_33_04_Pro WIN_20200705_07_39_33_ProWIN_20200705_07_38_43_Pro WIN_20200705_07_39_16_Pro VIRUS                                                                                                   artist: General Degree side A: Rigg It Up / side B: Virus By T. Thomas & D. Reid WIN_20200705_07_39_41_Pro label: Madd Dawg Records WIN_20200705_07_39_16_ProWIN_20200705_07_39_43_Pro year: 2000’s Style (BRAND NEW) WIN_20200705_07_39_06_Pro WIN_20200705_07_38_34_Pro WIN_20200705_07_39_39_ProWIN_20200617_15_01_44_Pro                                                                           albums_covers7079 VOICEMAIL                                                                  Voicemail albums_covers7081 #1 albums_covers7082 side A: Tell Dem / TAZZ side B: Nuh Guy Round Mi albums_covers7083 label: Jam 2 albums_covers7080 albums_covers2794 Voice Mail & Delly Ranks #2 albums_covers2792albums_covers2793 side A: She Want It albums_covers2796 side B: Cry Budalbums_covers2795 label: K.liciicous Music albums_covers2797albums_covers2798albums_covers2799


albums_covers6539#3  Voicemail / Bling Dawg  Voice Mail side A: Show Off / BLING DAWG side B: As It Is albums_covers6540 label: Payday Music albums_covers6541 year: 2007′ albums_covers6542 Picture 1417Picture 1418 VOICE MAIL feat. COOL FACE #4 side A: Mek Mi Come / side B: Back Ache label: Don Corleon Voice Mail albums_covers130 #5 side A: What You Want / albums_covers133 BABY G & ANGEL DOOLAS side B: Nuh Man Problem albums_covers132 label: John John Records year: 2006′ albums_covers131

albums_covers7374  VOICE MAIL albums_covers7376 #6 side A: Kaah Believe / side B: Stage Time Riddim by C. Birch & M Flectchar albums_covers7378 label: Birch Records albums_covers7375 year: 2007′ albums_covers7377 albums_covers7801 Voicemail #7 side A: Booty Call / side B: Tear Up Jeans Instrumental albums_covers7803 label: Loony Bin Records albums_covers7802 year: 2000’s Style albums_covers7804 albums_covers7837 Voicemail aide A Best Days Of My Life / KAMAR (AKA) FLAVA UNIT side B: Before You Go Away  albums_covers7840 label: Fresh Ears Productions albums_covers7839 year: 2000’s Style  albums_covers7839 #9 albums_covers7769 Voicemail side: How U Want It / VYBZ KARTEL side: Win Pon Yuh albums_covers7768 label: Chimney Records albums_covers7771 year: 2000’s Style albums_covers7770 img20170214_14244287 Voice Mail #10 side A: Dark Clouds / side B: Crusha Instrumental label: MX Productions year: 2000’s img20170214_14261387  Voice Mail  side A: I Believe / SUGAR ROY & CONRAD CRYSTAL side B: Even Though You’re Gone label: Trinity 7 year: 2008′   albums_covers7332 VOLCANO                                                       artist: Errol Wonder side A: If You Should Lose Me / side B: Version  albums_covers7334 label: Volcano year: 1980’s Style Original Press OLDIES’ Grooved Press Pro Cleaned For Best Sound (Adapted) albums_covers7333  #2  artist: Michegan & Smiley side A: Diseases / side B: Version By Roots Radics Band label: Volcano year: Early 1980’s Style Original Press    #3 Picture 698Picture 700 artist: John Holt side A: Sweetie Come Brush Me / side B: Version By Roots Radics Band Picture 703Picture 702 label: Volcano Picture 701Picture 704 year: 1980’s Style Original Press  Picture 697  #4

Pecos / Jarvis Flea Market Item

TL Sound Reggae Dancehall Artist (V) – Eek A Mouse Wa Do Dem On Volcano Reggae Label

Eek A Mouse side A: Wa Do Dem / side B: Version label: Volcano year: 1980’s Style Original Press (BRAND NEW)

TL Sound Reggae Dancehall Artist (V) – Volcano Reggae Label

Jarvis / Pecos Flea Market Items

albums_covers6974 albums_covers7348 albums_covers7183

Digital Camera

VP RECORDS                                         artist: Tanto Metro & Devonte side A: Yardie Swing / CHICO side B: Exchange albums_covers6973 label: VP Records year: 2000’s Style (A Jumpy Press) albums_covers6972#2 albums_covers7350 artist: Demarco side A: No Fear (Beast) / ISHAWNA  side B: Ladies Night

TL Sound Reggae Dancehall Artist (V) – VP Records Reggae Label

label: VP Records

Demarco – No Fear (Beast) / Ishawna – Ladies Night (Beauty) label: VP Records year: 2009′

Used Reggae Dancehall Vinyl 7" Single 45 RPM Record. $4.00 Shipping for U.S. residents, World Wide Standard Shipping $18,00. Shipping can be combined on order. Demarco - No Fear (Beast) / Ishawna - Ladies Night (Beauty) label: VP Records year: 2009'


year: 2009′ albums_covers7349      artist: Devonte picture 196 side A: Doesn’t Mean A Thing / side B: Version

Reggae Dancehall Artiste Devonte On label VP Records

VP Records Version

label: VP Records

Devonte side A: Doen’t Mean A Thing / side B: Version label: VP Records year: 2000’s Style

Used Reggae Dancehall 7" Vinyl Single. $4.00 shipping for U.S. residents, World Wide Standard Shipping $18.00. Shipping can be combined on order. 29 days Handling time Shipping can be combined on order. Devonte side A: Doesn't Mean A Thing / side B: Version label: VP Records year: 2000's Style


year: 2000’s Style

Major Foundation Ska Reggae Dancehall Label VP Records

(BRAND NEW) picture 195 img20170206_05314106img20170206_05370428img20170206_05355560 VP Records #3 title: Strictly The Best 13 img20170206_05350532 side A: 1 Champion – Buju Banton 2 Ganga Lee – Louie Culture 3 Kung Fu – Future Trouble 4 Never Keeping Secrets – Spragga Benz & Wayne Wonder 5 Real Thing – Jigsy King & Tony Curtis  6 Fowl Affair – Silver Cat 7 World Dance – Beenie Man / side B: 1 Tour – Capleton 2 Loving In Excess – Wayne Wonder & Don Youth 3 Down In The Ghetto – Bounty Killer 4 Len’ Out Mi Mercy – Merciless 5 Old Dog – Terror Fabulous 6 Any Man Yu Want – Jigsy King & Toney Curtis 7 Chalice – Capleton img20170206_05323414 label: VPimg20170206_05380756  year: Early 1990’s To Mid 1994′ Style img20170206_05391668 Original Press img20170206_05341385   #

Pecos Sound Stylee

Reggae Artist Sean Paul & Mr. Vegas

Sean Paul & MR. VEGAS side A: Hot Gal Today – Haffi Get De Gal Krotches Remix Radio 2 Hot Gal Today – Haffi Get De Gal Ya Punany Sweeper Remix / SEAN PAUL side AA: Deport Them label: VP Records year: 2000′ (BRAND NEW)

Sean Paul – Deport Them

Kid Pecos – Hud-1Speth

#4 img20170209_16535425 artist: Lukie D side A: Back Up Back Up / BLING DAWG side B: Got It Goin’ On Liquid Riddim img20170209_16511215 label: VP Records year: 2000’s Style img20170209_16524585  #5  albums_covers7185 artist: Elephant Man side A:We No Pet Dem / WARD 21 side B: Sick Head albums_covers7184 label: VP Records albums_covers7186 year: 2000’s Style albums_covers7188#6  artist: Voicemail side A: Pull It Up (Beauty) / AIDONIA side B: Bad Man A Step (BEAST)

TL Sound Reggae Dancehall Artist (V) – VP Records

label: VP Records

TL Sound Reggae Dancehall Artist (V) – Voicemail Pull It Up (Beauty) / AIDONIA Bad Man A Step (Beast) On VP Records Reggae Label

year: 2009′                       #7 Sampler From Strictly The Best 31 Promo Copy artist: Wayne Winder, Mobb Deep, Fat Joe Fear. Surpriz side A: Enemies Remix (Clean) / side B: Enemies Remix (Dirty)  label: VP Records  tear: 2003′  Promo Copy  #8

Digital Camera

Digital Camera

Strictly The Best  Various Artist 33 – 34 Promo side: Jah Cure True Reflection – I Wayne Don;t Worry / side: Elephant Man Willie Bounce – Turbulence – Notorious

Digital Camera

Digital Camera

label: VP Records

Digital Camera

year: 2005′ Promo Copy

Digital Camera

#9 artist: GYPTIAN side A: Na Na Na Na Love Song / side B: Love Against The Wall (Reggae Mix)  label: VP Records year: 2010′  #10 Digital Camera artist: Voicemail side A: Pull It Up (Beauty) / AIDONIA side B: Bad Man A Step (Beast) Digital Camera label: VP  Records year: 2000’s Style Digital Camera       #11

Digital Camera

Digital Camera

artist: Lexxus side A: Nyam Mi Out / DELLY RANKS & RIK ROK side B: What A Gal

Digital Camera

label: VP Records

Digital Camera

year: Mid 2000’s Style

Digital Camera

artist: side A: / side B: label: year:                                                                                                       Digital CameraDigital Camera artist:  Yellowman              Yellowman title: Total Recall 3 side A: 1 Ram Dance Master 2 Zungu-Zend 3 Getting Married 4 Mad Over Me 5 Mr Chin 6 Rung And Go Down 7 Shorties  / side B: 1 Operation Radication 2 Body Move 3 Getting Devorce 4 Duppy Gunman 5 No Body Move, No Body Get Hurt 6 Bim And Bam 7 Bunn The Kouchie Digital CameraDigital Camera

Yellowman title: Total Recall 3 label: V.P. Records year: 1992′ Original Press

Used Reggae King Of The Dancehall Dancehall Style Full Vinyl LP Album. $4.00 Shipping for U.S. residents / World Wide Standard Shipping $18.00, shipping can be combined on order. 10 days handling time.


label: V.P, Records Digital CameraDigital CameraDigital CameraDigital Camera year: 1992′ Original Press Digital CameraDigital CameraDigital Camera                                                                                                                                                              VYBZ KARTEL                                                        Vybz Kartel albums_covers6050 #1 side A: Like Taxi / Greg Hinds albums_covers6051 side B: Fight War Alone albums_covers6052 label: Rated R year: 2006′ albums_covers6042 albums_covers6687 #2 Vybz Kartel side A: See A Man Yu Ant / side B: Bounce by A. Grey & C. Birch albums_covers6686 label: In The Streetz slight jump albums_covers6684 Vybz Kartel #3 Hud-2 vinyl photos 505Hud-2 vinyl photos 506Hud-2 vinyl photos 508Hud-2 vinyl photos 509Hud-2 vinyl photos 510Hud-2 vinyl photos 511Hud-2 vinyl photos 512Hud-2 vinyl photos 513Hud-2 vinyl photos 514Hud-2 vinyl photos 515Hud-2 vinyl photos 516Hud-2 vinyl photos 517Hud-2 vinyl photos 519Hud-2 vinyl photos 520Hud-2 vinyl photos 521Hud-2 vinyl photos 522Hud-2 vinyl photos 523 side A: Never Tun A Raper / side B: Stimulate Instrumental by D. Bennett label: Don Corleon dub side slight jump albums_covers6638 VIBEZ KARTEL #4 side A: U Hotta / CHOPPA CHOP side B: Where We Live albums_covers6639albums_covers6640 label: Massive B(CAT # MAS-286) albums_covers6641albums_covers6306 Vybz Kartel albums_covers6305 #5 side A: Tight So / side B: Big Up Version by L. James JR. , J. James albums_covers6304 label: John John Records albums_covers6303 Hud-2 vinyl photos 3117Hud-2 vinyl photos 3118Hud-2 vinyl photos 3119Hud-2 vinyl photos 3120Hud-2 vinyl photos 3121Hud-2 vinyl photos 3122Hud-2 vinyl photos 3123Hud-2 vinyl photos 3124 #6 Vybz Kartel & D’ANGEL side A: Baby Daddy / side B: Klampute Riddim Sean “seannizzle” Reid label: Free Willy Hud-2 vinyl photos 3111Hud-2 vinyl photos 3112Hud-2 vinyl photos 3113Hud-2 vinyl photos 3115Hud-2 vinyl photos 3116 #7  Vybz Kartel side A: Bun Sometime / side B:Instrumental label: Loony Bin Records Hud-2 vinyl photos 3130Hud-2 vinyl photos 3131Hud-2 vinyl photos 3132Hud-2 vinyl photos 3133Hud-2 vinyl photos 3134Hud-2 vinyl photos 3135 #8 Vybz Kartel side A: Can’t Escape / side B: Yellow Tape label: Rebel Music Hud-2 vinyl photos 3126Hud-2 vinyl photos 3127Hud-2 vinyl photos 3129Hud-2 vinyl photos 3128 #9 Vybz Kartel side 1: Mek A Toast / side 2: EXHALE The Beat Goes On label: High Society King Of Kings  Hud-2 vinyl photos 2056Hud-2 vinyl photos 2056 Vybz Kartel #10 side A: When Yu Buck Har (Edit) / side B: When Yu Buck Har (Raw)

TL Sound Reggae Dancehall Sound System Vinyl

label: Don Corleon Records

Vybz Kartel side A: When Yu Buck Har Edit / side B: When Yu Buck Har Raw ;abel: Don Corleon year: 2000’s Style

Used Reggae Dancehall 7" Vinyl Single 45 RPM Record. $4.00 Shipping for U.S. resident, World Wide Standard Shipping $18.00. 29 Days Handling time. Shipping can be combined om order. Vybz Kartel side A: When Yu Buck Har Edit / side B: When Yu Buck Har Raw label; Don Corleon year; 2000's Style


year: 2000’s StyleeHud-2 vinyl photos 2057 Vybz Kartel albums_covers6720 #11 side A: Anything Goes / side B: Triple X Instrumental albums_covers6721albums_covers6722 label: Pleasure Time Productions albums_covers6723

albums_covers7133 Vybz Kartel albums_covers7134 #11 side A: Don’t Dis / side B: Version 5000mg Riddim albums_covers7135 label: Free Willy albums_covers7136

#12 Vybz Kartel

albums_covers6576 #13 side A: After The Club / side B: Suoer Natural albums_covers6574 label: Hyper Active Entertainment albums_covers6575 year 2007′ albums_covers6573 Vybz Kartel Hud-2 vinyl photos 3827 Hud-2 vinyl photos 3828Hud-2 vinyl photos 3830Hud-2 vinyl photos 3831Hud-2 vinyl photos 3832Hud-2 vinyl photos 3833Hud-2 vinyl photos 3834 #14 side A: When Gal Waa Bu**y / side B: Good To Go label: Don Corleon Records  Picture 448 Vybz Kartel #15 side A: Cherry Tree / side B: Cherry Tree Instrumental Picture 449 label: Pure Music Productions year: 2007′ Picture 450Picture 452Picture 451Picture 453Picture 454Picture 455Picture 456Picture 457Picture 458 albums_covers3029 Vybz Kartel albums_covers3030 #16 ANTHONY B – VYBZ KARTEL & NINJA MAN side A: Where Is The Love / side B: Version label: Togetherness Records   albums_covers3031albums_covers3032albums_covers3033albums_covers3034albums_covers3035 albums_covers3890 Vbyz Kartel albums_covers3891 #17 side A: Missing You A lot (Acoustic)  / MILLION STYLEZ side B: Give Thanks For Life albums_covers3892 label: VP Records

Vybz Kartel side A Missing You A Lot (Accoustic) / MILLION STYLEZ side B: Give Thanks For Life (Accoustic) label: VP Records year: 2000’s Style

Used Reggae Dancehall 7" Vinyl Single. $4.00 shipping for U.S. residents / World Wide Standard Shipping $18.00. 10 days handling time.


albums_covers3893albums_covers3894 albums_covers7908 Vybz Kartel #17 side A: Keep It Clean / side B: Double Joint Instrumental by D. Bennett albums_covers7909 label Don Corleon Records albums_covers7907 albums_covers7961 Vybz Kartel #18 side A: Tattoo / EINSTEIN side B: High Rise albums_covers7962 label: Jam2 albums_covers7963 year: 2000’s albums_covers7960 albums_covers7989 Vybz Kartel #19 side A: Baby Father / RAS DEAN side B: Cleanest Kindest Rasta Man On “Uptown Riddim” albums_covers7988 label: Young Blood Records albums_covers7990 year: 2005′ Style 2000’s albums_covers7991 albums_covers7984 Vybz Kartel #20 side A: Garrison Cry / side B: albums_covers7986 A Reggae Version label: Zig Don Records albums_covers7985 year:2008′ albums_covers7987 albums_covers7856 Vybz Kartei #21 side A: Money Over War / SANJAY side B: What Are We Fighting For albums_covers7857 label: Fresh Ear Productions albums_covers7858 year: 2000’s Style albums_covers7855 albums_covers7408 Vybz Kartel #22 side A: Give Thanks / BLING DAWG side B: Nuh Fear Nuh Body albums_covers7412 label: Big Star Production albums_covers7409albums_covers7409 year: 2007′ albums_covers7411  Vybz  Kartel albums_covers4342 #23 side A: Informer / side B: Drama  Riddim  albums_covers4344 label: Black Mangena Records year: 2006′albums_covers4343 albums_covers4598 Vybz Kartel #24 side A: No See Nothing / side B: Sweat Rhythm By Don Corleon albums_covers4608 label: Don Corleon Records albums_covers4609 year: 2000’s albums_covers4598   Vybz Kartel albums_covers7698 #25 side A: Skin Cream / SHAWN STORM side B: 27 Ways albums_covers7699 label: DJ Smurf Muzic albums_covers7700 year: 2008′albums_covers7701 Vybz Kartel img20170208_17070064 #26 side A: / side B: Air Waves Riddimimg20170208_17094089 label: Hit Strip Music year: 2007′ Riddim Side May Stick img20170208_17082637 Vybz Kartel albums_covers7673 #27 side A: Woman A Mi Sunshine side B: Rhythm Full Drawalbums_covers7675 label: Fresh Ear Productions year:2000’s Style albums_covers7674  Vybz Kartel #28  side A: Big Man Ting / side B: Slow Bounce Riddim  label: h2O Productions year: 2004′ #29 Vybyz Kartel side A: Finga Strength / side B label: Star Kutt Records year: 2000’s Style #30  Vybz Kartel side A: Outta Road / side B: High Praise Riddim label: Energy Beat Music  year: 2000’s Style                                                                                For more info on these items contact or for wthoughts visit  or  for a more all genre vinyl collection visit Thanks for visiting.

Vicious Irie side A: Silver & Gold / side B: Version label: Capricorn International year: Early 1990’s Styles

Used Reggae Dancehall 7″ Vinyl Record. Vicious Irie side A: Silver & Gold / side B: Version label: Capricorn International year: Early 1990’s Style.



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Pecos Sound is a Reggae Vinyl wholesale, bulk reggae site. Featuring all styles, eras, years, artist that pecosound can offer. They are listed under an artist name close as possible in order. Browse Pecos Sound & Enjoy a wide selection of reggae vinyl. Contact kid pecos of pecos sound if you have any questions.

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