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TL Sound Reggae DanceHall Artist (Z) Kid Pecos For 2019′ Reggae Dance Hall Labels Will Be Added

Greetings Crew from Kid Pecos of Pecos Sound. In hopes of expanding the sites you can donate and receive some Reggae Dancehall Vinyl. In hopes of getting some more storage space to add more Reggae Vinyl & a world wild Reggae Vinyl Radio Show. All donations are greatly,appreciated by Kid Pecos of Pecos Sound System. For ways to donate and receive some Reggae Dance Hall Vinyl your selection(s) you can use the info contacts at the end of the page, Kid Pecos. Picture 419 (OUT OF STOCK)         albums_covers7361 Z-FORCE ENTERTAINMENT                                       artist: Daya Son side A: For So Long / side B: For So Long  albums_covers7365 label: Z-Force Entertainment albums_covers7362 year: 2000’s albums_covers7364  Z-Force Entertainment albums_covers7363 img20170208_17114162img20170208_17165285img20170208_17133260 ZABANDIS                                                  Zabandis side A: Leaving In The Morning side B: Leaving Dub img20170208_17144378 label: People Unite img20170208_17125117 year: 1980’s Style Original Press img20170208_17105056                                                                                  ZANADU  & NAIL HEAD                                  albums_covers3805 Zanadu & Nail Head side A: Sugar Dumplin / side B: Diamond Dogg Version albums_covers3806 label:Junk Yardyear: 2000′ albums_covers3807                                                                           ZANDOLA                                                                 Hud-2 vinyl photos 3820Hud-2 vinyl photos 3820Hud-2 vinyl photos 3821Hud-2 vinyl photos 3822Hud-2 vinyl photos 3823Hud-2 vinyl photos 3824Hud-2 vinyl photos 3825Hud-2 vinyl photos 3826 Zandola side A: No Man Is An Island / side B: Version by Dannie Marshall label: Bravo The Best Best Baby Father year: 1992′ (Adapted) Original Press                                                                                        albums_covers6937 ZANDA P                                            Zanda P side A: Cinderella / side B: Version albums_covers6938 label: People Record’s year: 1993′ Original Press albums_covers6936                                                                                        CHRISINTI & ZANDA P



Chrisiinti & Zanda P side A: Whenever We Touch / side B: Version label: albums_covers2002 Super Love albums_covers2996 Original Press albums_covers2003albums_covers2997albums_covers2998

Digital Camera

Get Together

WIN_20200713_14_40_19_Pro WIN_20200713_14_41_06_Pro ZAP-POW                                                                               Zap-Pow side A: Life / side B: Tonight  We  Love …Tonight WIN_20200713_14_42_35_Pro WIN_20200713_14_42_02_Pro label: Wham-Pac International WIN_20200713_14_40_12_Pro WIN_20200713_14_42_20_Pro year: Late 1970’s To Early 1980’s Style Original Press (BRAND NEW) WIN_20200713_14_40_55_Pro WIN_20200713_14_40_03_Pro WIN_20200713_14_48_33_ProDigital Camera ZARRO                                  Zarro side A: Boston Dub Hawk / LLOYD-D;STIFF side B: Dem Good Radio Mix 2 Dem Good Dance Hall Mix label: Warrior Productions year: Early 1990’s Release Original Press U.S Pressing (BRAND NEW) Digital Camera                                                             ZEBRA Hud-2 vinyl photos 443Hud-2 vinyl photos 444Hud-2 vinyl photos 445Hud-2 vinyl photos 446Hud-2 vinyl photos 447Hud-2 vinyl photos 448Hud-2 vinyl photos 449Hud-2 vinyl photos 450Hud-2 vinyl photos 453Hud-2 vinyl photos 454Hud-2 vinyl photos 453Hud-2 vinyl photos 455                                                                                Zebra #1 title side A: Jah Rule The Nation / side B: Version The President label: Raggedy Joe (cat:RJ 030) year: 1999′ slight jump albums_covers6017 Zebra #2 title side A: Gal A Say She Want / side B: Version Sectour albums_covers6018 label: Shines Production albums_covers6019 year: 1999′ slight jump albums_covers6020 albums_covers7380 Zebra #3 side A: Hurt Mi Heart / side B: Yahoo Riddim albums_covers7381 label: Land $lide year: 2005′ albums_covers7379 Zebra #4 side A: Caan Say Fe / side B: Get Away Flex Version albums_covers6752 label: New Life year: 2000’s Style albums_covers6751 Vocals jumpy plays with jumps albums_covers6750 albums_covers7799 Zebra albums_covers7794 #5 side A: Proud 2 B Hot / side B: Hiccup Version albums_covers7798 label: King Of Kingsalbums_covers7795 year: 2000’s Style albums_covers7796 albums_covers7793albums_covers7797 Zebra  #6 side A: Pretty & Sausage side B: Version  label: Baby T Records year Late 1980’s Early 1990’s Style Original Press Grooved Surface Promo Copy                                                                                               Digital Camera WIN_20190709_09_39_14_Pro ZERI MUSIC                                                           artist: Ainsley Morris side A: On My Mind / side B: Continuation label: Zeri Music year: 1981′ Original Press (BRAND NEW) WIN_20190709_09_39_34_Pro Digital CameraDigital CameraDigital CameraDigital CameraDigital CameraDigital CameraDigital Camera ZIGGY MARLEY & THE MELODY MAKERS                                                               Ziggy Marley & The Melody Makers title: “Hey World!” side A: / side B: Digital CameraDigital CameraDigital Camera label: EMI America Digital CameraDigital CameraDigital Camera year: 1986′ Original Press Digital Camera    albums_covers6960 ZOOINA PRODUCTION                                     artist: Merciless side A: Brinks / side B: Brap Brap Version albums_covers6962 label: Zooina Productions year: 1999′ Original Press  albums_covers6961 #2 albums_covers7490 artist: Jaguar side A: Dun Dat / side B: Version Brap Brap albums_covers7494 label: Zooina Productions albums_covers7491 year: 1999′ albums_covers7492albums_covers7493 Original Press albums_covers7495                                                                                                                                                     ZUMJAY                      Hud-2 vinyl photos 3137Hud-2 vinyl photos 3138Hud-2 vinyl photos 3139Hud-2 vinyl photos 3140Hud-2 vinyl photos 3141Hud-2 vinyl photos 3142Hud-2 vinyl photos 3143Zumjay #1 side 1: Bad Man / T.O.K. Naah Go So label: No Doubt Music Zumjay Hud-2 vinyl photos 2796Hud-2 vinyl photos 2797Hud-2 vinyl photos 2798Hud-2 vinyl photos 2799Hud-2 vinyl photos 2800Hud-2 vinyl photos 2801 #2 side A: Spunk / NINJA MAN side B: Pimpilimpim both on Cesar Rhythm label: Forward Recordings year: 2000′ Zumjay Picture 390 #3 side A: Badman Radio Edit / side B: Badman Raw Mix Picture 391 label: John Shop Production Picture 388Picture 389 Picture 392Picture 394Picture 395  albums_covers7660 Zumjay #4                                               side A: No Salt / FRISCO KID side B: Bun A Bad Mine albums_covers7661 label: De’Javu Productions albums_covers7662 year: 2000’s Style albums_covers7663  Zumjay albums_covers7232 #5 side A: Read & Write / side B: Version by D. Bennett albums_covers7235 label: Don Corleon Records albums_covers7233 year: 2000’s albums_covers7234  Zumjay  #6 side A: Zumjay News / side B: Diwali  label: 40/40 Productions  year: 2000’s Style                                                                                                     For more info  on items on Pecos Sound you can leave a comment under a category. Contact http://www.twitter.com/pecossound http://www.twitter.com/@kidpecos for more ways of ordering an item. For more thoughts on reggae, vinyl visit http://www.tlsoundreggaedancehall.com http://www.pecossoundsystem.com Kid Pecos is working to supply bulk vinyl to DJ’s, Sound Systems.


TL Sound Reggae DanceHall Artist (Y) Kid Pecos For 2017′ Reggae Dance Hall Be Added

Greetings Crew from Kid Pecos of Pecos Sound. In hopes of expanding the sites you can donate & receive some Reggae Dancehall Vinyl. In hopes of getting more storage space and to add more Reggae Vinyl & a world wide Reggae Vinyl Radio Show. All donations are greatly appreciated by Kid Pecos of Pecos Sound System. For ways to donate and receive some Reggae Vinyl of your selection(s). You can use the info contacts at the end of the page, Kid Pecos  albums_covers4801 YAHBELL                                                                       artist: Anthony B side A: Worry No More / side B: Mamma Riddim albums_covers4802 label: Yahbell albums_covers4803albums_covers4802 year: 2009′  albums_covers4804 Yahbell #2 albums_covers7690 artist: Chrisinti side A: I Am Settled Now / AMIQUE side B: My Lady albums_covers7693albums_covers7692 label: Yahbell year: albums_covers7691 Digital Camera WIN_20191109_22_43_50_Pro WIN_20191109_22_45_07_Pro YAMI BOLO                                        Yami Bolo side A: People Need Love / side B: Version Taxi Gang label: Taxi year: 1990’s Style – New OLDIES’ WIN_20191109_22_43_40_Pro WIN_20191109_22_43_21_Pro Digital Camera img20170213_17301775 YAMI BOLO                                                                   Yami Bolo side A: Happiness Sadness Blues? Close To / side B: 1 side Sticks 1 side side side solid Yami Bolo img20170213_17323071 label: Tappa year: 1992′ Original Press img20170213_17312837 Digital Camera WIN_20200406_07_12_19_ProWIN_20200406_07_12_27_Pro YANKEE B.                                                               Yankee B. side A: That Feeling Radio Edit 2 That Feeling Instrumental / side B: Hurt Somebody Radio Edit 2 Hurt Somebody Instrumental 3 Hurt Somebody Accapella WIN_20200406_07_15_28_Pro WIN_20200406_07_14_16_Pro label: Gee Street WIN_20200406_07_15_02_ProWIN_20200406_07_13_10_ProWIN_20200406_07_14_27_Pro year: 1998′ WIN_20200406_07_12_23_Pro WIN_20200406_07_12_11_Pro Digital Camera

Pecos Sound

TL Sound Reggae Dancehall Artist Starting With (Y) – Yaw Yaw Version

YAW YAW VERSION                                                         artist: Beenie Man side A: Yaw Yaw / side B: Yaw Yaw Version By A Thomas – S Marsden label: Shocking Vibes year: 1996′ (BRAND NEW)

Yaw Yaw Version On Reggae Label Shocking Vibes

Pecos Sound System Stylee

YELLOWMAN                                     Yellowman: albums_covers4983 Super Star Yellowman Has Arrived With Toyan albums_covers4984 label: Joe Gibbs Music albums_covers4985 year: 1982′ albums_covers4986 Original Press LP albums_covers4987albums_covers4988albums_covers4989albums_covers4990 Older Pressing slight jump on 1st song albums_covers4991albums_covers4992 picture-703 Yellowman & FATHEAD                                               Yellowman & Fathead side A: Rub A Dub A Play / side B: Hold On To Your Woman picture-704 (gets stuck at a spot Haul And Pull Up) picture-705 label: Jah Guidance picture-706 year: Early 1980’s picture-707 Original Press picture-708 OLDIES’ Grooved noise jumpy Made In Jamaica picture-709 albums_covers7161 Yellow Man #3 albums_covers7162 Yellow Man – One In A Million albums_covers7163 label: Joe Gibbs Music albums_covers7164 year: 1980’s albums_covers7165 Original Press albums_covers7166 Made in Opa-Locka Florida albums_covers7159albums_covers7160#4  Yellowman title: Mi Hot side A: / side B:  label: Black Scorpio  year: Late 1980’s Early 1990’s Style  Original Opress         Yellow Man  #5 title Jack Sprat side A: / side B:  label:  Hit GG’s Records  year: 1980’s Style  Original Press Yellowman


1 of the late 1970’s  into the 1980’s On from Jamaica DJ’s

Chanted (DJ) on Gemini Sound System

#6 title: King Yellowman side A: / side B:

Columbia An all genre of music label, Released some of the classic 1970’s on Reggae Vinyl.

The 1 Yellowman

label: Columbia

Early to Mid 1980’s DJ Style Reggae Dancehall

year: 1984′

Original Press

YOGI                                                                                                                   Yogi title: Hud-2 vinyl photos 6691Hud-2 vinyl photos 6692Hud-2 vinyl photos 6693Hud-2 vinyl photos 6694 Fling Up Pussy (p.g.) / Version label: LX111 Promotion                                                                                                    Digital Camera YOUNG BLOOD PRODUCTION                                                     artist: Richie Bar side A: What (Serve) / side B: Version Digital Camera Young Blood Production Digital CameraDigital Camera year: Late 1990’s To 2000’s Style Original Press Digital Camera  albums_covers7755 YOUTH PROMOTION                                                            artist: Walter Swinburn side A: All Punters / side B: Version By Ben-Bow & T. Asher  albums_covers7757 label: Youth Promotion year: 1992′ Original Press  albums_covers7756 #2  artist: Papa San side A: Loving Dad / side B: Version  label: Youth Promotion year: 1991′                                                                                        For more info on these items contact pecossound@islandmix.com or tlsoundreggaedancehall@gmail.com or http://www.twitter.com/kidpecos for more thoughts visit http://www.pecossoundsystem.com & http://www.tlsoundreggaedancehall.com for an all genre vinyl selection visit http://www.kutchielove.wordpress.com Thanks for visiting Pecos Sound.

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