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TL Sound Reggae DanceHall Artist (Z) Kid Pecos For 2019′ Reggae Dance Hall Labels Will Be Added

Greetings Crew from Kid Pecos of Pecos Sound. In hopes of expanding the sites you can donate and receive some Reggae Dancehall Vinyl. In hopes of getting some more storage space to add more Reggae Vinyl & a world wild Reggae Vinyl Radio Show. All donations are greatly,appreciated by Kid Pecos of Pecos Sound System. For ways to donate and receive some Reggae Dance Hall Vinyl your selection(s) you can use the info contacts at the end of the page, Kid Pecos. Picture 419        albums_covers7361 Z-FORCE ENTERTAINMENT                                       artist: Daya Son side A: For So Long / side B: For So Long  albums_covers7365 label: Z-Force Entertainment albums_covers7362 year: 2000’s albums_covers7364  Z-Force Entertainment albums_covers7363 img20170208_17114162img20170208_17165285img20170208_17133260 ZABANDIS                                                  Zabandis side A: Leaving In The Morning side B: Leaving Dub img20170208_17144378 label: People Unite img20170208_17125117 year: 1980’s Style Original Press img20170208_17105056                                                                                  ZANADU  & NAIL HEAD                                  albums_covers3805 Zanadu & Nail Head side A: Sugar Dumplin / side B: Diamond Dogg Version albums_covers3806 label:Junk Yardyear: 2000′ albums_covers3807                                                                           ZANDOLA                                                                 Hud-2 vinyl photos 3820Hud-2 vinyl photos 3820Hud-2 vinyl photos 3821Hud-2 vinyl photos 3822Hud-2 vinyl photos 3823Hud-2 vinyl photos 3824Hud-2 vinyl photos 3825Hud-2 vinyl photos 3826 Zandola side A: No Man Is An Island / side B: Version by Dannie Marshall label: Bravo The Best Best Baby Father year: 1992′ (Adapted) Original Press                                                                                        albums_covers6937 ZANDA P                                            Zanda P side A: Cinderella / side B: Version albums_covers6938 label: People Record’s year: 1993′ Original Press albums_covers6936                                                                                        CHRISINTI & ZANDA P



albums_covers2004 Chrisiinti & Zanda P side A: Whenever We Touch / side B: Version label: albums_covers2002 Super Love albums_covers2996 Original Press albums_covers2003albums_covers2997albums_covers2998                                                                                                                                              Digital Camera ZARRO                                  Zarro side A: Boston Dub Hawk / LLOYD-D;STIFF side B: Dem Good Radio Mix 2 Dem Good Dance Hall Mix label: Warrior Productions year: Early 1990’s Release Original Press U.S Pressing (BRAND NEW) Digital Camera                                                             ZEBRA Hud-2 vinyl photos 443Hud-2 vinyl photos 444Hud-2 vinyl photos 445Hud-2 vinyl photos 446Hud-2 vinyl photos 447Hud-2 vinyl photos 448Hud-2 vinyl photos 449Hud-2 vinyl photos 450Hud-2 vinyl photos 453Hud-2 vinyl photos 454Hud-2 vinyl photos 453Hud-2 vinyl photos 455                                                                                Zebra #1 title side A: Jah Rule The Nation / side B: Version The President label: Raggedy Joe (cat:RJ 030) year: 1999′ slight jump albums_covers6017 Zebra #2 title side A: Gal A Say She Want / side B: Version Sectour albums_covers6018 label: Shines Production albums_covers6019 year: 1999′ slight jump albums_covers6020 albums_covers7380 Zebra #3 side A: Hurt Mi Heart / side B: Yahoo Riddim albums_covers7381 label: Land $lide year: 2005′ albums_covers7379 Zebra #4 side A: Caan Say Fe / side B: Get Away Flex Version albums_covers6752 label: New Life year: 2000’s Style albums_covers6751 Vocals jumpy plays with jumps albums_covers6750 albums_covers7799 Zebra albums_covers7794 #5 side A: Proud 2 B Hot / side B: Hiccup Version albums_covers7798 label: King Of Kingsalbums_covers7795 year: 2000’s Style albums_covers7796 albums_covers7793albums_covers7797 Zebra  #6 side A: Pretty & Sausage side B: Version  label: Baby T Records year Late 1980’s Early 1990’s Style Original Press Grooved Surface Promo Copy                                                                                               Digital Camera WIN_20190709_09_39_14_Pro ZERI MUSIC                                                           artist: Ainsley Morris side A: On My Mind / side B: Continuation label: Zeri Music year: 1981′ Original Press (BRAND NEW) WIN_20190709_09_39_34_Pro Digital CameraDigital CameraDigital CameraDigital CameraDigital CameraDigital CameraDigital Camera ZIGGY MARLEY & THE MELODY MAKERS                                                               Ziggy Marley & The Melody Makers title: “Hey World!” side A: / side B: Digital CameraDigital CameraDigital Camera label: EMI America Digital CameraDigital CameraDigital Camera year: 1986′ Original Press Digital Camera    albums_covers6960 ZOOINA PRODUCTION                                     artist: Merciless side A: Brinks / side B: Brap Brap Version albums_covers6962 label: Zooina Productions year: 1999′ Original Press  albums_covers6961 #2 albums_covers7490 artist: Jaguar side A: Dun Dat / side B: Version Brap Brap albums_covers7494 label: Zooina Productions albums_covers7491 year: 1999′ albums_covers7492albums_covers7493 Original Press albums_covers7495                                                                                                                                                     ZUMJAY                      Hud-2 vinyl photos 3137Hud-2 vinyl photos 3138Hud-2 vinyl photos 3139Hud-2 vinyl photos 3140Hud-2 vinyl photos 3141Hud-2 vinyl photos 3142Hud-2 vinyl photos 3143Zumjay #1 side 1: Bad Man / T.O.K. Naah Go So label: No Doubt Music Zumjay Hud-2 vinyl photos 2796Hud-2 vinyl photos 2797Hud-2 vinyl photos 2798Hud-2 vinyl photos 2799Hud-2 vinyl photos 2800Hud-2 vinyl photos 2801 #2 side A: Spunk / NINJA MAN side B: Pimpilimpim both on Cesar Rhythm label: Forward Recordings year: 2000′ Zumjay Picture 390 #3 side A: Badman Radio Edit / side B: Badman Raw Mix Picture 391 label: John Shop Production Picture 388Picture 389 Picture 392Picture 394Picture 395  albums_covers7660 Zumjay #4                                               side A: No Salt / FRISCO KID side B: Bun A Bad Mine albums_covers7661 label: De’Javu Productions albums_covers7662 year: 2000’s Style albums_covers7663  Zumjay albums_covers7232 #5 side A: Read & Write / side B: Version by D. Bennett albums_covers7235 label: Don Corleon Records albums_covers7233 year: 2000’s albums_covers7234  Zumjay  #6 side A: Zumjay News / side B: Diwali  label: 40/40 Productions  year: 2000’s Style                                                                                                    For more info  on items on Pecos Sound you can leave a comment under a category. Contact for more ways of ordering an item. For more thoughts on reggae, vinyl visit Kid Pecos is working to supply bulk vinyl to DJ’s, Sound Systems.



TL Sound Reggae DanceHall Artist (O) Kid Pecos For 2017′ Reggae Dance Hall Labels Will Be Added {Sonido De Los Pecos}

Greetings Crew from Kid Pecos of Pecos Sound. In hopes of expanding the sites you can donate at & receive some of the Reggae Dancehall Vinyl. In hopes of getting more storage space to add more Reggae Vinyl & a world wide Reggae Vinyl Radio show. All donations are greatly appreciated by Kid Pecos Of Pecos Sound System. For ways to donate and receive some Reggae Dance Hall Vinyl of your selection(s) you can use the info contacts at the end of the page, Kid Pecos.

Digital Camera

O$$ BOSS                                                                         artist:Tami Chin side A: The Only One / LOOGA MAN side B: Had To Pick Her Up  label O$$ Boss  year: 2006′                                                                                                #2 Digital CameraDigital CameraDigital Camera artist: Ward 21 side A: Run For Cover / CAMEL side B: Woe On Boss Player RiddimDigital Camera label: O$$Boss Digital CameraDigital Camera year: 2006′ 2000’s Style Digital Camera    Digital Camera Picture 210 111 PRODUCTIONS                                                  artist: Wayne Marshall side A: Don’t Stop / DELLY RANKS side B: Close Fit label: 111 Productions year: Early 2000’s To Mid 2000’s (BRAND NEW) Picture 206 Digital Camera  Digital Camera 144b BLACK SCORPIO                                                    artist: Paul Elliot side A: Hype Type / NINJA FORD side B: Hold It Up label: 144b Black Scorpio year: 2000′ (BRAND NEW) Digital Camera  albums_covers2100 OBO ADDY                                                      albums_covers2101 Obo Addy title: Kukrudo albums_covers2102 label: Cascade Records Label albums_covers2103 year: recorded in 1981′ albums_covers2104 albums_covers2105albums_covers2106albums_covers2107                                                                                                                                                                                     albums_covers2568 OCCIDENTAL AFRICA –                                      albums_covers2569 Music And Dances Of Occidental Africa albums_covers2570 label: Olympic Records albums_covers2571 year: late 1970’s early 1980’s albums_covers2572albums_covers2573albums_covers2574albums_covers2575              Digital Camera Digital Camera ODDS & ENDS                                                   artist: Tony Sandler & Ralph Young title: Sndler & Young Odds & Sandler label: Capitol ST-335 year:  Digital Camera Digital Camera                                                        albums_covers7124 albums_covers7128albums_covers7126 OKAY TEMIZ                           Okay Temiz title: Drummer Of Two Worlds albums_covers7129 label: Finnadar albums_covers7127albums_covers7130 year: 1975′ & 1980′ albums_covers7125                                        img20170125_17274131img20170125_17312778img20170125_17291800 OKU ONUORA                             Oku Onuara side A: Wi A Come / side B: Wat A Situashun img20170125_17323868 label: Heartbeat img20170125_17303051 year: 1983′ img20170125_17334610 Original Press For Nelson Mandela img20170125_17282717                                                                   albums_covers6813 ONEIL BARRETT                           side A: Body Ready / side B: albums_covers6814 label: Techniques year: Late 1980’s To Early 1990’s albums_covers6815                                                                                                                ONEIL SHINES Hud-2 vinyl photos 739Hud-2 vinyl photos 740Hud-2 vinyl photos 741Hud-2 vinyl photos 742                                                              Oneil Shines label: Sinbad Production side A: When Will You Love Me / side B: Accapella                                                                                  CLINT ONEIL                                Clint Oneal (CLINT O) A long time east coast radio Reggae star. Host of South Florida long time reggae radio show on WLNR Public Radio Station.                                                                     albums_covers6518albums_covers6740Digital CameraDigital Camera  label: OPERA HOUSE RECORDS                                           Beenie Man side A: Internet Face (Raw Mix) / side B: Internet Face (Edited Mix) albums_covers6517 label: Opera House Records albums_covers6519 year: 2000’s albums_covers6516 albums_covers6738 artist: Buccaneer side A: Dash Weh / side B: Barracuda Version label: Opera House Records year: 1999′ albums_covers6737    artist: Digital Camera Mad Anju side A: Wife / side B: Cut Up Digital Camera label: Opera House Records year: 2000′ Digital Camera    Digital CameraDigital CameraDigital Camera artist: Frisco Kid side A: Vietnam (Raw Version) / side B: Vietnam (Edited Version) Digital Camera label: Opera House Records Digital Camera year: 1999′ Digital Camera     Digital CameraDigital CameraDigital Camera artist: General “B” side A: Nutting Funny  / side B: Edited Version Digital CameraDigital Camera label: Opera House Records Digital Camera year: 1999′ Digital Camera  Digital Camera WIN_20190422_23_26_34_Pro artist: Buccaneer – SCARE DEM side A: Bad Man Nah Stray / side B: Version label: Opera House Records year: 1996′ (BRAND NEW) WIN_20190422_23_26_12_Pro Digital Camera                        albums_covers7452 label: ORANGE                Carlene Davis side A: Going Down To Paradise / side B: Paradise Version albums_covers7454 label: Orange albums_covers7453 year: 1983′ Orange  albums_covers7451 albums_covers7471 Carlene  Davis side One: It Must Be Love / side B: Love Up Dub Instrumental albums_covers7472 label Orange year: 1980’s Style albums_covers7470                                                                                                                                               albums_covers7446 ORBITONE RECORDS                                                           artist: Judy Boucher side 1: My Heart Is Yearning / side B: My Heart Is Yearning Version albums_covers7445 label: Orbitone Records albums_covers7447 year: 1986′ albums_covers7448 Original Press albums_covers7444 #2 Digital Camera Reuben Richards side 1: I’ll Choose You / side 2: Rolling On

Digital Camera

Digital Camera

label: Obitone Records

Digital Camera

Digital Camera

year: 1988′ Original Press (Made In England)


Reuben Richards side 1: I’ll Choose You / side 2: Rolling On label: Obitone Records year: 1988′ Original Press (Made In England)

Used 12" Vinyl Extended Play Single. $4.00 shipping for U.S. residents, World Wide Standard Shipping $18.00. Shipping can be combined on order. 20 days handling time. Reuben Richards side 1: I'll Choose You / side 2: Rolling On label: Obitone Records year: 1988" Original Press (Made In England)


Digital Camera

BRAND NEW Digital Camera                                                                                                 albums_covers4646 ORIGINAL RECORDS          artist: General T.K.side A: Jail House / side B: Jail House Dub albums_covers4648 label: Original Records year: 1993′ Original Press albums_covers4649                   Digital Camera ORTTHODOX MUZIK                                        artist: Geoorgie Wine side A: Why Why Why / side B: Riddim Riddin Riddim By Twelve Tribes Of Isreal Band Digital Camera label: Orthodox MuzicDigital Camera year: 2004′ Digital Camera

 Pecos Sound System Stylee

TL Sound Reggae Dancehall – Pincher Kingston 13 On Ossie Records Reggae Label

OSSIE RECORDS                              artist: Pincher side A: Kingston 13 / side B: Rule 13 With Ossie Hibbert All Stars label: Ossie Records year: Late 1980’s To Early 1990’s Original Press (BRAND NEW)

TL Sound Reggae Dance (O) Ossie Records Reggae Label

Pecos Sound System Stylee

OSSIE SCOTT                                                albums_covers2108 Ossie Scott side A: That Wonderful Sound Part 1 / side B: That Wonderful Sound Part 2     albums_covers2109albums_covers2110label: Success year: 1980′ Original Press albums_covers2116albums_covers2111albums_covers2112albums_covers2113albums_covers2114albums_covers2115 img20170208_17500396 OUTLAWED RECORDINGS                                                    arist: Gyallis & Ron B. side A: Hot Gyal / side B: Prohibited img20170208_17532273 label: Outlawed Recording year: 1999′ img20170208_17513217     OWEN GRAY AND THE CARIBS                                                        Owen Grey And The Caribs side : Please Let Him Go / side B: Far Love  label: R & B Records  year: 1960;s Ska Style Original Press OLDIES; Grooved Surface Noise Pro cleaned for best sound                                                         For more info on these items contact or or Thanks for visiting Kid Pecos.


TL Sound Reggae DanceHall Artist (L) Kid Pecos For 2019′ Reggae Dance Hall Labels Will Be Added {Sonido De Los Pecos }

Greetings Crew from Kid Pecos of Pecos Sound. In hopes of expanding the sites you can donate at & receive some Reggae Dancehall Vinyl. In hopes of getting more storage space to add more vinyl & a world wide Reggae Vinyl radio show. All donations are Greatly appreciated by Kid Pecos of Pecos Sound Systems. For ways to donate & receive some Reggae Dance Hall Vinyl of your selection(s) you can use the info contact at the end of the page, Kid Pecos.

Kid Pecos of Pecos Disco

L&L                                      artist: Lenny & Livie side A: Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel / side B: Version By Lenny & Livie label: L & L  year: 1974′ (Adapted) Soul Style Slight Jump towards end Original Press                       albums_covers7387 L.M.S.                                                                                     L.M.S. side A: Shake Up The Underground / THRILLER  ‘U’ side B: Are You A Freak  albums_covers7389 label: HMG Recordsalbums_covers7388 year: 1999′ albums_covers7390 albums_covers7391                                                     albums_covers7615 L. JONES                                                              L. Jones side A: Day Dreaming Of Africa / side B:Version With L. Jones label: Xamayca Music (Jamaica) albums_covers7616 year: Style of original Roots Rock Reggae Original Press albums_covers7614                                                                                                                    LADEN / BUGLE                                                                              Hud-2 vinyl photos 2230Hud-2 vinyl photos 2231Hud-2 vinyl photos 2232Hud-2 vinyl photos 2233Hud-2 vinyl photos 2235Hud-2 vinyl photos 2236 Laden title: Anytime (Beauty Riddim) / Bugle: Hypocrite Friend (Beast Riddim) label VP Records year: 2009′

Lady G

LADY G                                                                                                        Lady G side A: No Not At All / side B: Gal A Wasp

side B: Gal A Wasp

label: How Yu Fi Sey Dat

Lady G A late 1980’s om Reggae Lady Singer / DJ

year 1990’s Style

label: How Yu Fi Sey Dat?

    LADY MACKEREL                       Lady Mackerel side A: Oh What A Pity / side B: Version  label: Kingston 11 year: 1993′ Original Press                                                            Digital Camera LADY JUNIE                                                  Lady Junie side A: Bow Cat / side B: Version Digital Camera label: Penthouse Records Digital Camera year: 1989′ Original Press Digital Camera                               LADY SAW  albums_covers3816 Lady Saw side A: Quaint Up (Raw Cut) / side B: Quint Up (Edit)  albums_covers3817 label: Shocking Vibes year: 1990’s Style albums_covers3815 Hud-2 vinyl photos 472Hud-2 vinyl photos 473                                                                   Lady Saw #1 Hud-2 vinyl photos 195Hud-2 vinyl photos 200Hud-2 vinyl photos 201Hud-2 vinyl photos 202Hud-2 vinyl photos 202Hud-2 vinyl photos 202Hud-2 vinyl photos 195Hud-2 vinyl photos 475Hud-2 vinyl photos 476Hud-2 vinyl photos 477Hud-2 vinyl photos 478Hud-2 vinyl photos 479Hud-2 vinyl photos 480Hud-2 vinyl photos 480Hud-2 vinyl photos 482Hud-2 vinyl photos 483Hud-2 vinyl photos 484Hud-2 vinyl photos 486Hud-2 vinyl photos 487Hud-2 vinyl photos 488 title side A: Thank You Lord / side B: version Sleng Teng (REMIX)  label: Diamond Rush Promotions International Original Press Hud-2 vinyl photos 2203Hud-2 vinyl photos 2202Hud-2 vinyl photos 2203 #2 Lady Saw title Glory Be To God / Sample label: Sampalue  albums_covers7082#3 Lady Saw albums_covers7086 side A: Half & Half Love Affair/ side A: You Dis albums_covers7084 label New Name Muzik  albums_covers7085 year: 1992′ Original Press major dj stamp on label 2 songs by LADY SAW grooved scratches on surface albums_covers7083                                                                                                       Hud-2 vinyl photos 3797Hud-2 vinyl photos 3798Hud-2 vinyl photos 3800Hud-2 vinyl photos 3800Hud-2 vinyl photos 3801Hud-2 vinyl photos 3802Hud-2 vinyl photos 3803Hud-2 vinyl photos 3804 #4 Lady Saw side A: Oohh Yeah / LULUMBA side B: See Dem A Galang label: Diamond Rush Promotion International Original Press Picture 1421 #5 Lady Saw side A: Sock It To Me / side B: Version label: Gego Productions year: 1998′ Picture 1422 Lady Saw & DETERMINE Picture 1366 #6 side A: Fine Style / side B: Version Picture 1367 label: Kings Of Kings year: 1996′ Picture 1379Picture 1380Picture 1381 albums_covers766 Lady Saw albums_covers767 #7 side A: No Freaky Affair / side AA: Impossible To Shine albums_covers765 label: Danger Danga Zone albums_covers764 albums_covers7384 Lady Saw #8 side A: Dis Gal Ya / side B: H2O by D. Bennett & N. Staff label: h20 Productions albums_covers7386 year: 2000’s Style albums_covers7385    Lady Saw albums_covers6785 #9 side A: Indefinite / side B: Darker Shade Of Black label: Black Diamond Rush Promotions International  albums_covers6787 year: 1990’s Style Original Pressalbums_covers6787  albums_covers6786 Lady Saw  #10 side A: After Tonight / FLAWLESS & IDONIA side B: Secy You label: Supertronics Muzic  label: 2006′                                                                                                      LEE FRANCIS                                     Lee Francis side A: So Sick (Drop Out Reggae Mix) / side B: So Sick ( Straight Reggae Mix)     label: SMR year:                                      LAUREL AITKEN                                              Laurel Aitken side A: Hometown / side B: Mary  label: RIO Rio Records Limited  year: 1960’s 1963′ Original Press OLDIES’ Grooved Press                             Digital Camera WIN_20190411_09_41_46_Pro #2 Laurel Aitken side A: P!SSY Price / side B: Version label: year: (1960’s Style) WIN_20190411_09_41_53_ProDigital Camera 1967′ Original Press (BRAND NEW)                Digital CameraDigital CameraDigital CameraDigital Camera LACKSLEY CASTLE                                            Lacksley Castle title: Morning Glory side A: Leaving 2 Morning Glory 3Righteous Stand 4 Message To My Woman 5 Cold Winter Night / side B: Speak Sofjly 2 Doctor Love 3 Bound In Bondage 4 Government Man label: Negus Roots year: 1982′ Original Press (Brand New) Digital CameraDigital CameraDigital Camera Digital Camera                                           LARRY MARSHALL                                                 Larry Marshall side A: I Admire You / side B: Watergate Rock King Tubby’s  label: Black & White year: 1977′ Original Press


LAZERTRON                                  Lazertron side A: Sexy By Nature / side B: Version

1990’s Style Version

label: Photographer

Lazertron – Sexy By Nature

Reggae Label Photographer

Early 1990’s Style Digital Reggae Dancehall

year: 1991: Original Pres

Reggae Sound System Vinyl

albums_covers6499 LEE PERRY                                                                          Lee Perry side A: Barbara / side B: How Come You Come By Impact All Starsalbums_covers6500 label: Impact! albums_covers6501 year: 1969′ Original Pressalbums_covers6502  img20170202_06090162img20170202_06115943img20170202_06095851 Lee Perry #2 title: Reggae Greats Lee Perry img20170202_06065193 label: Mango img20170202_06131043 year: 1984′ img20170202_06105745 Original Press img20170202_06141667 img20170202_06075292     albums_covers6402  LENARD WILSON                                       Lenard Wilson side A: Searching For A Home / side B: Version By Mighty Cloud Band albums_covers6404 label: Impact! year: albums_covers6403 1970’s Style Original Press albums_covers6405        Digital Camera Digital Camera LENNY DEE                                                        Lenny Dee title: Organ Varieties Lenny Dee At The Organ side A: / side B: label: Vocalion year: Digital Camera Digital Cameraimg20170403_17190565 Leonard Wilson                                                    Leonard Wilson side A:  I Want To Thank You / side B: Thank You Dub By The Mighty Cloud Band img20170403_17213182 label: Mighty Cloud year: 1974′ Original Press (Adapted) img20170403_17202426                                                                                          LE’ROI                                                                                         Le’Roi side A: Don’t Tell Me You Love Me / side B: Please Love Me By Love & Order  label: Famous Records year: 1990’s Style Original Press                                                                                                                                    LEROY BROWN                                                              Hud-2 vinyl photos 2375Hud-2 vinyl photos 2376Hud-2 vinyl photos 2378Hud-2 vinyl photos 2379 Leroy Brown side A: Rock For Christmas (Home T-4) / side B: GEORGE BANTAM Christmas Rock label: Soul Survivor year: 1988′ slightly jumpy #2  Leroy Brown side 1: Smile African Smile / side 2: Travelling Man label: Time Bomb Production  year: 1990′ Original Press                                                                                                     Digital Camera Picture 389 LEROY SIMMONDS                                                                        Leroy Simmonds side A: Paradise / side B: Version label: Nu-Jam Records year: 2002′ (BRAND NEW) Picture 388Digital Camera                                                                                                                                   LEROY SMART                               Hud-2 vinyl photos 2370Hud-2 vinyl photos 2371Hud-2 vinyl photos 2372 Leroy Smart side A: Look Good A Do It / side B: Version label: Power House year: 1980’s Original Press Major DJ Stamp Leroy Smart Hud-2 vinyl photos 2958Hud-2 vinyl photos 2959Hud-2 vinyl photos 2961Hud-2 vinyl photos 2962Hud-2 vinyl photos 2963Hud-2 vinyl photos 2964 #2 side 1: I Really Love You / side 2: I Really Love Dub label: Pickout year: 1988′ Original Press Leroy Smart Hud-2 vinyl photos 4601Hud-2 vinyl photos 4601Hud-2 vinyl photos 4600Hud-2 vinyl photos 4611Hud-2 vinyl photos 4612Hud-2 vinyl photos 4613Hud-2 vinyl photos 4614Hud-2 vinyl photos 4615Hud-2 vinyl photos 4616Hud-2 vinyl photos 4617Hud-2 vinyl photos 4618Hud-2 vinyl photos 4602Hud-2 vinyl photos 4600Hud-2 vinyl photos 4613Hud-2 vinyl photos 4614Hud-2 vinyl photos 4615Hud-2 vinyl photos 4616Hud-2 vinyl photos 4617Hud-2 vinyl photos 4618 #3 Badness No Pay / Version label: Hit Bound year: early 1980’s (rare 33.3 RPM speed 7″) OLDIES’ grooved press has surface spots solid sound

Pecos Sound System Style

TL Sound Reggae Dancehall Artist (L) – Levi Williams Fat Or Slim

LEVI WILLIAMS                                   Levi Williams side A: Fat Or Slim / side B: Version By Star Dust label: year: (BRAND NEW)

TL Sound Reggae Dancehall Artist (L) – Levi Williams

Pecos Sound System Stylee

albums_covers4430 LEXXUS                                                                      Lexxus side A: Bun Dem (Hip Hop Remix) / side B: Version albums_covers4432 label: Special Remix albums_covers4431 year: 2000’s Style albums_covers4433:Lexxus img20170212_07404564 #2 side A: That’s Who We Are / RED SQUARE side B: So Great img20170212_07430279 label: P & L Records year: 2006′ img20170212_07420660#3  Lexxus side A: Your Man / KRAYZIE HYPE side B: Money Afi Meck  label: Madd Dawgz Records year: 2000′                                                                                          LIKKLE WICKED                                                                       Likkle Wicked side A: No Rush Mi – No Rush Me (Dub Mix) / side B: Girl Want Money (Dub Mix)  label: Luke Records  year: 1992′   albums_covers045 LILLY MELODY                                                                     albums_covers047 Lilly Melody side A: Big In Bed / side B: Cease Fire Selector albums_covers046 year: late 1980’s or albums_covers048 Early 1990’s sty;e albums_covers052 label: Eclipse Records

Lilly Melody side A: Big In Bed / side B: Cease Fire Selector label: Eclipse Records year: Early 1990’s Style Original Press

Used 12" Reggae Dancehall Vinyl 12" Disco Single. Older Pressing slightly jumpy. Shipping $4.00 for U.S. residents / World Wide standard shipping $18.00. 10 days handling time.


albums_covers051albums_covers049 An Older slightly jumpy press OLDIES’ Reggae Dancehall Classic by Lilly Melody Original Press albums_covers050                                                   Picture 1364 LINFORD                                           Picture 1371Picture 1372 Linford side A: Have You Changed Your Mind / side B: Give It Up Instrumental By Clintones All Stars label: Clintones year: 1979′ Original Press Picture 1365                                                     LINK & CHAIN                              Link & Chain side A: African Struggle / side B: Version  label: Volcano  year: 1990′  Original Press                                                                                                   Digital Camera Digital CameraDigital CameraDigital Camera LINTON KWESI JOHNSON                                               Linton Kwesi Johnson title: Making History By Linton Kwesi Johnson side A: Di Eagle An Di Bear 2 What About Di Working Class 3 Di Great Insohreckshan 4 Making History / side B: Reggae Fi Rahdi 2 Reggae Fi Daga 3 New Crass Massahkah label: Mango CAT.# MLPS 9770 year: 1984′ Original Press (BRAND NEW) Digital CameraDigital CameraDigital Camera Digital Camera                                    LINVAL THOMPSON                                  Linval Thompson title: Starlight side A: / side B:  label: Mango  year: 1988′  Original Press                                                                                                           LION                                                                                       artist: Jo Spencer side A: Forgive Me / side B: Bed Of Rose  label: Lion year: 1971′ Original Press                                                                     LITTLE HERO Hud-2 vinyl photos 677Hud-2 vinyl photos 688Hud-2 vinyl photos 679Hud-2 vinyl photos 680Hud-2 vinyl photos 681Hud-2 vinyl photos 682Hud-2 vinyl photos 683Hud-2 vinyl photos 684Hud-2 vinyl photos 685Hud-2 vinyl photos 686Hud-2 vinyl photos 687Hud-2 vinyl photos 691Hud-2 vinyl photos 692Hud-2 vinyl photos 693Hud-2 vinyl photos 694                                                                     Little Hero title side A: Badness Don’t Pay / side B: Version label: StingRay slight label damage #2 albums_covers7552 Little Hero side A: Shadow Of The Cloud / side B: Refugee Version albums_covers7556 label: Annex albums_covers7553 year: 2000’s Style albums_covers7554 Slight Jump On Soundalbums_covers7555    #3  Little Hero side A: Run Dung Money / side B: Version  label: Digital-B year: 1995′ Original Press                                                                       albums_covers2155 LITTLE JACK                    albums_covers2163 Little Jack side A: Woman Live Fi The Best / side B: Version albums_covers2157 label: Smurf Production albums_covers2158 year: 1994′ albums_covers2159 Original Press albums_covers2160

Little Jack side A: Woman LiveFi The Best / Version label: Smurf Production label: 1994′ Original Press Slight Jump

Used Reggae Dancehall Vinyl 7" Single. $4.00 shipping for U.S. residents / World Wild Standard Shipping $18.00, shipping can be combined on orders. 10 days handling time.


albums_covers2161  Slight noise on Vocals / Version has slight vocalsalbums_covers2162                                                                                                                 albums_covers3663 LITTLE JOHN               albums_covers3664 Little John side A:  albums_covers3665albums_covers3666 Original Press albums_covers3667 Slight Jumpy albums_covers3668albums_covers3669 albums_covers7888albums_covers7886albums_covers7895 Little John #2 – True Confession albums_covers7890albums_covers7885albums_covers7894 label: Power House albums_covers7891 year: 1984′ albums_covers7892albums_covers7887 Original Pres albums_covers7893 albums_covers7889                                                                                                                                                                               Digital CameraDigital CameraDigital CameraDigital Camera LITTLE KIRK                                             Little Kirk title: Ghetto People Broke label: Riddim Music side A: Screechy 1 Across The Border 2 Wanted To Be Enemy Pon Corner / side B: 4 Ghetto People Broke 5 Pretty Dance Girl 6 Killer Sound Digital CameraDigital CameraDigital Camera

Little Kirk title: Ghetto People Broke label: Ruddy’s Music year: Late 1998’s To Early 1980’s Style Original Press

Used Reggae DJ Roots Dancehall Vinyl 12″ Full Album LP, $4.00 shipping for U.S. residents / World Wide Standard Shipping $18.00, will combine shipping on order. 10 days handling time.


label: Ruddy’s Music Digital CameraDigital CameraDigital CameraDigital Camera year: Late 1980’s To Early 1990’s Style Original Press All Songs Have Versions Digital Camera                                                         LITTLE LECTURER         Picture 1360 Little Lecturer side A: Rastaman Song / side B: River Bank Version By The Fire House Crew Picture 1361 label: Photographer Original Press Picture 1373Picture 1374Picture 1375                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           albums_covers2845 LITTLE LENNY                 Little Lenny side A: How She Walk / side B: She Walk Version albums_covers2846 label: Dynamite Records albums_covers2847 Made In Jamaica albums_covers2848albums_covers2849 albums_covers2850albums_covers2844  Hud-2 vinyl photos 2695Hud-2 vinyl photos 2697Hud-2 vinyl photos 2698 Little Lenny #2 side A: Healthy Body / side B: Version by Fire House Crew label: Shocking Vibes year: 1989′ Original Press #3  Little Lenny side A: Inches And A Fraction / Version Inches  label: Dynamite Records year: 1990’s X Rated Dancing Dance Hall Style Slight Jump                               albums_covers6817 LITTLE WICKED WONDER & SQUIDLY COLE               Little Wicked Wonder & Squidly Cole side A: Sex Up / side B: Amanda Way Dub albums_covers6818 label: Wacam Records year: 1993′ Original Press albums_covers6816   LIVE AND LOVE                                                                                        artist: Pinchers side A: Loving That You Want / side B: Version  label: Live And Love  year: 1980’s Style  Original Press                                                                     albums_covers7638 LIVING ROOM                               artist: Many More – Condom / Daddy Flex – Unity albums_covers7639 label: Living Room albums_covers7640albums_covers7641albums_covers7642 year: 2000’s Style albums_covers7637                                    albums_covers4416  LMS                                    LMS side A: London 2 Paris / side B: Youth Dem Nuh Fi Cryalbums_covers4418 label: 71 Records albums_covers4417 year: 2000’s Stylealbums_covers4419        Digital Camera Digital CameraDigital Camera